Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Galatasaray and the level playing field

You know that almost be the title for a Harry Potter type book as it would be a pure work of fiction. What am I talking about you might ask. Well those of you who follow Turkish football will know that the league officials, referees etc. generally favour Fenerbahce.

Why is that you ask?

Truthfully I can't answer that as I have no real knowledge but it can be no coincidenc that the club chairman is extremely rich, whereas the GS board is not, I mean we cant even pay our players!!

Anyone who watched the Fenerbahce Besiktas game at the weekend though will know exactly what I mean. It seems that eveyone is talking about the performance of the referee and his constant favour of Fenerbahce. Even the Turkish Daily News got in on the act!!! If that match had been in England then FB would have been down to 9 men and there would have been 2 penalties to Besiktas, unless of course one of the teams was Chelsea when they would have recieved the same treatment as FB. How can Selcuk Dereli, the referee, award 4 yellow cards to Besiktas and none to Fenerbahce, especially after the two penalty positions. The man is a disgrace and should be suspended immediately.

So as I say there is no such a thing as a level playing field in Turkish football or at least that must be the conculsion after Sunday's match.

Of course if the Turkish Football Federation had any backbone and wanted to prove that the field is flat then they must appoint a neutral referee for some of these games. Or they could suspend Anelka and Nobre for a couple of games for the absolute blatant cheating they have done this season, although they will absolutely nnot do that. With the way the season is going it could be that the Galatasaray-Fenerbahce match will be the decider for the championship. If the referee performs like Sunday then GS may as well not turn up.

Therefore lets have a neutral referee, Graham Poll, Markus Merk or someone who can make decisions and not worry about Aziz sending the boys round afterwards!

Get those emails into the Federation now!!!!!