Monday, March 31, 2008

More rubbish

Dear oh dear,

And there I was thinking that the inconsistent and frustrating side of Galatasaray had been removed by Herr Feldkampf and what happens, a 0-0 draw at home with Gaziantep. And with the Mafia winning this leaves us two points off the pace and with a worse goal average.

The team has struggled for consistency since the winter break and once again is having a hard time scoring goals and dropping 4 points against the likes of Kasimpasa and Antep does not exactly fill me with confidence for the rest of the season. Its hard enough without constantly being penalized by the TFF, 6 home matches so far this season without fans, 1 day between Konya and Leverkeusen, horrible referring decisions in favor of Mafia etc.

And where have the players gone? Linderoth is injured but where is Nonda, Barusso, Hasan Sas?
Why is Sabri playing again?

Come on guys sort things out, lets face it we have a perfect chance for a morale boosting win next week against Genclirlirgi so lets not blow it as I am sure whoever Mafia are playing the brown envelopes are already changing hands for another easy match.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

All gifts gratefully recieved

So after the dross of Wednesday losing to the provincials it was time to get the wheels back on the wagon against Denizlispor. Did we get all the wheels back, well I am not sure but at least we won the game 2-1 thanks to a mistake by the Denizli goalkeeper in the 88th minute when his attempted catch bounced onto Servet's head and into the net. Otherwise there was not much to get excited about. An average performance as CimBom went back to an all Turkish line up for the first time in a few matches.

Unfortunately Sabri was playing but at least he managed not to do anything too stupid today. Although it was not a vintage performance it was good to see the team keep trying and finally get that bit of luck.

So second in the league on goal difference as the top four all changed positions with Besiktas losing and Sivas winning. Should be an interesting end to the season especially as Besiktas are playing the other lot next weekend at Iononu....wonder if the referee will even things up from earlier in the season.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

3 more points

At this stage in the season three points is three points and Galatasaray went about obtaining them in an efficient manner. Having said that life may have been a bit more difficult if the referee had sent off Aykut and given Ankaraspor the penalty they deserved in the first few minutes of the game. Otherwise CimBom were efficient and pretty much controlled the match sending Ankaraspor closer to the relegation places.

The only down side of the recent results is that the goal difference is shrinking especially with the Kadikoy mob winning 4-1 for the 3rd week in a row.....what is wrong with the teams they are playing? This week it was Konyapor who made life very difficult for CimBom a couple of weeks ago capitulate....makes you wonder....

I see the Chimps League has thrown the two biggest maybe mafia teams together in the shape of Chavski and Brazilbahce....wonder how long Lugano or Edu lasts against Drogba...I mean he gets sent off twice against CimBom and Drogba is unlike anything they play against in Turkey...

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Back on track

That was a much better performance on Saturday. I have to say that after recent results I was a bit worried about playing Kayseri who were sitting in 5th position and only 6 points behind. I guess I should not have worried as Galatasaray put in a competent if not earth shattering performance to win 2-0 with few scares in complete contrast to the dismal performance against Kasimpasa. I see Sabri is back and playing like he has a brain for once although I would prefer if Feldkampf left him out as it upsets the balance of the team with him in as he seems to have a negative mental influence.

So the top of the Lig is very tight with 1 point covering the 4 teams with Sivas hanging in there. I can only hope that the Kadikoy mob will suffer with the Chimps League matches in the next couple of weeks but I guess we will also be tired as we have the Fortis Cup to concern us although as we have been drawn to play Genclirbirligi we could put the reserves out and still win.....

Friday, March 07, 2008

The 5th minute of 7

SO its not just L'Arse who get 7 minutes of additional time and score in the 5th, it seems that BJK also are the grateful receivers of such generosity. How can this happen.

After a blog less week I ma back refreshed and raring to go, or at least I was until today's match when I remembered what a mess CimBom are making at the moment. After beating the mafia its been downhill. SO come on lads get a grip refocus and lest put a few goals past Kayserispor who are only 6 points behind us. Of course the other top teams have matches against the teams occupying good Superlig space like Ankargucu and Vestel Manisa so I can see Galatasaray slipping this weekend as they have been playing crap recently.

On another topic I see Herr Splatter has been making another complete idiot of himself. Life time bans and court action for dangerous tackles....what a laugh. I mean corrupt presidents can survive but mistime a tackle and you lose your career. What a filed day this will give the Eyeties and all the other diving, cheating bastards who will be feigning injury to get top players suspended for long periods and even arrested. Here's an idea, citing like in rugby. If there is a feeling that someone escaped punishment, check the video and irrespective of that the referee did have the power to ban and fine in addition to any mandatory punishment. However the good part would be that the Kadikoy mob would run out of players before the end of a season......