Monday, March 06, 2006

Galatasaray Top, where they belong

Normally I post straight after the match but I had a feeling this weekend about the results so I thought I would wait until after the budgies had played. Well I am glad I did. because Galatasaray beat Samsun 3-2 and of course mafia lost 1-0 to Kayseri.

So Galatasaray are now 2 point clear at the top of the Super Lig. Of course that could change next weekend as GS have a hard game away against Trabzon and the budgies play Konyaspor at home. But what the hell for this week I am celebrating. Not even a one sided referee display helped the budgies this week. I mean what do FB players have to do to get a yellow card. Serkan should have been off, anyone who thinks Robben was correctly sent off for Chelski would agree that Balci should also have walked for just as bad a tackle. So maybe if the refs cant let FB win anymore they wont give yellow cards instead.

Anyway enough about the cheats, they will get their reward.....

I thought Cimbombom played some of the best football this season in the second half and even Hasan managed to pass to a GS player!! They played fast, accurate and determined and all this despite not being paid. So congartulations, I feel very happy and excited for the rest of the season.

And a big gthanks to the people at IPworld who fixed my problem with their service and also gave me an extra weeks credit on my monthly subscription.