Thursday, February 26, 2009

New manager bounce?

The theory is that a new manager or coach causes a bounce in performance for the team as the players seek to impress the new man.

For Bulent this lasted 11 seconds until Bellion scored.

So a win was managed 4-3 over Bordeaux who are pressing Lyon hard in the French League Unnnnn.

No idea really about the match as I could not find it online here in the You Ess of Ehh.

A wins a win but considering this was essentially the same team that lost 2-5 to Kocaeli it may prove the above theory although it may also indicate that defense is not exactly our strongest area at the moment.....

Monday, February 23, 2009

Change is good??

So Buyuk Kaptan is back at the club this time as coach after the not exactly unexpected dismissal of Skibbe following the poor start to the second half of the season.

Bulent Kormaz was a great, great player for Cim Bom of that there is no question but his record as a coach is somewhat less exceptional.

His record is something like this from his time at Erciyes, Bursa and Genc:

Played 35
Won 10
Drawn 12
Lost 14

Of course it could be argued that he did not have the resources at these clubs etc. etc. it is questionable whether he really has the experience to manage Galatasaray right now?

So should the club have left the team management to Cevat Guler and his team who did a good job last season when Feldkampf left and won the Championship?

Given that the first person to be offered the job on Sunday night was Hagi who wanted a longer contract this seems like desperation to offer the post to Bulent.

I hope I am wrong............

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pathetic rubbish

Enough said really about the last 10 days.

Skibbe, dead man walking......methinks

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Referee no way

So for third match running CimBom have a player sent off. This time it was Lincoln who was adjudged to have dived when it should have been a penalty and then failed to move away from a free kick quickly enough. I mean really if that is worth two yellows then some teams like FB should not bother turning up as that is their entire game plan, dive and block......

Horrible horrible refereeing made what should have been a routine home victory into a draw and opens up the top of the table again. Obvioulsy the referrees are under instruction to decimate the GS squad and make sure either the arsonist murderers from Sivas or the Black Sea big noses take the championship this year.

Cant be bothered to discuss this bullshit any further as I am somewhat angry

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Cup runneth over

Well overtime as CimBom got so tired of playing Sivas, three times in 2 weeks that they lost concentration during the penalty shoot out and succumbed 4-2.

Oh well at least that leaves FB with the possibility of winning something if they reach the final this season that is.

Not only that but the list of injured players grows wih Baris now with a knee problem. Lets hope they get some players back soon especially before the UEFA Cup, in particular we need Lincoln, Kewell and Baros back although it seems that Linderoth as well may finally be fit to play a match!!!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Rooster anyone?

Well after the two limp displays against Sivas in the SuperLig and then the Fortis Cup it was good to get back to business in the SuperLig with a 2-0 win away in Denizli.

Much better display all around with some of the injured and suspended players back in the team showing what we missed against Sivas with goal contributions from Baros and Nonda. Unfortunately Ayhan picked up two yellow cards so he will be out of the nexty match but hopefully Lincoln or someone will be back.

This was a match that we won farily comfortably and controlled the match most of the time with no major dramas. I have to say it would be nice though to get Linderoth, Lincoln and Kewell back in the team. If they were I have a feeling we would be leading the Lig rther tghan being 2 points behind Sivas and Trabzon. Luckily the rest of the teasm at the top failed to perform so its pretty much as you were at the top.

At the bottom it looks like Ankara may be down to 2 teams next season but hey who's really that bothered?