Thursday, March 29, 2007

Reality Check

So after the euphoria of beating Greece 4-1 in Athens came the reality of playing the Vikings in Germany. Considering how well we played against Greece the performance was a real disappointment although the result was okay. At least we are top of the group but that was hard work.

I guess the players were still hyped from the Greece game but even so, they should have known the danger of the Norway team, lets face it Carew was Besiktas recently.

Oh well, life goes on and here am I complaining about a football performance whilst 15 innocent people remain pawns in a vicious power play game of chess. Feel sorry for them, or the people who die in Iraq every day as a result of the suicide bombing, how brave these people are....

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Hard to believe

Well, well, well, that was certainly a turn up for the books. After all the doom and gloom from the majority of Turkish supporters the outcome was better than anyone could have seen. I mean even Volkan played well.

As well as Turkey played they were helped by a Greek side that looks past its sell by date, especially the goalkeeper. I was starting to think that Volkan and nikopilidis had swapped souls or something because Volkan actually played well as Nikopilidis had a nightmare. I would not like to be him and read the newspapers tomorrow!!!!!!

I was impressed with the way Turkey played after the Greeks scored. No panic and they looked the best side for most of the game. I am glad Stelios missed his chance when it was 2-1 though as if he had scored we might not be so happy!!! Anyway he missed and the rest is history.

Most of the players we were saying were not good enough or in poor form played well, Sabri was great, Hakan led the line very well, Volkan made a couple of good saves. Lets hope they can continue in this form now and beat Norway on Wednesday.

As for the Husband, that was a pathetic display be England. Not sure how much longer McClaren will be the coach.

Anyway who cares Turkey won, the biggest ever win for either side in the Greece Turkey matches.

Friday, March 23, 2007


Finally I have succumbed to the need to differentiate between Gulay and myself the Husband. From now on when I post comments or posts you will see who is who.

Just to ensure everyone understands the difference is simple.

Gulay is Turkish and supports the most successful team in Turkey, Galatasaray.

I on the other hand am English and support the most successful team ever, Manchester United.

Got it.


Thursday, March 22, 2007

Brought your boots.....

Fatih Terim alien watch Day 3.

Given the state of the Turkish squad with all the injuries it appears that my prediction about Alpay and Ilhan has actually tuned out to be true according to Ahmet on his have a take page. I really hope not but lets see.

More evidence of Fatih Terim as an alien is that depsite losing almost all his strikers Umit Karan is sitting on the beach in Antalya. Out of this world......

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Alien siting confirmed

It's true and Ahmet over at Turkish Soccer confirmed it that Fatih Terim does indeed have no contact with earth at all and that he is an alien. This was of course confirmed by his decision to ignore all the evidence in front of his eyes, as if he has not been on this planet watching the Super Lig games and picks Volkan as goalkeeper for match against Greece.

Absolutely unbelievable.

There is nothing else to say, nothing...........

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Back to the past.....

It has taken me a couple of days to absorb the information and get over the shock but finally I have worked out the answer. The Fatih Terim we see and hear everyday (unfortunately) is actually an advanced hologram or alien life form because no normal, sane human could have picked the squad that he has picked for Turkey's rather important Euro 2008 Qualifiers.

The squad:

Hakan Şükür, Arda Turan, Sabri Sarıoğlu, Emre Aşık (Galatasaray A.Ş.), Volkan Demirel, Tümer Metin, Tuncay Şanlı, Mehmet Aurelio (Fenerbahçe), İbrahim Toraman, İbrahim Üzülmez, Gökhan Zan (Beşiktaş A.Ş.), Gökdeniz Karadeniz, Hüseyin Cimşir (Trabzonspor A.Ş.), Gökhan Ünal, Mehmet Topuz (Kayserispor), Mehmet Yıldız, Servet Çetin (Sivasspor), Hakan Arıkan (Ankaraspor A.Ş.), Ferdi Elmas (Çaykur Rizespor), Orkun Uşak (Kayseri Erciyesspor), Bekir İrtegün (Gaziantepspor), Hamit Altıntop (Schalke 04), Nuri Şahin (Borussia Dortmund), Emre Belözoğlu (Newcastle United FC), Tugay Kerimoğlu (Blackburn Rovers FC), Fatih Tekke (Zenit St. Petersburg)

Even as a Galatasaray supporter I find the selection of Sabri and Emre Asik questionable to say the least especially as Umit who is banging goals in at will is left out. Hakan Sukur is past it but lest not forget he scored 4 last time so at the least have him in the squad and maybe on the bench. Volkan should not even be playing for the Kadikoy Mob let alone in the National Squad as he is probably worse than David James. Tugay whilst being a great great player does not have the legs anymore for Internationals. I know lets bring back Umit Davala, Alpay and Ilhan, why not they cannot do worse than this lot and where is Halil Altintop. Of course things may changes as Arda is injured. I can also guarantee that whatever the result the Imperator will not accept any blame and will also be rude and aggressive to the reporters.

I hope it does not happen but I have a feeling we will get hammered by the Greeks unless Terim has some cunning plan, which I doubt. Oh well it could be worse and be like the Husband who has to put up with Steve Maclaren and is refusing to talk about the England Israel match saying he has no interest in International games and only wants Man Utd to win things!!!!!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Snow, snow glorious snow..........not!

So Friday, what was all that about? 2-1 up and a couple of minutes left and what happens we let the Konya player score apparently. Useless thats what they are this season, useless. and withe Kadikoy mob winning at Bursaspor thats pretty much it for the season I think. Now all we ca do is hope we get a UEFA cup spot and hope the management can bring in some reasonable players in the summer.

I say apparently because I did not see the game due to the weather conditions in New Jersey. On Thursday it was 17 degrees and then Friday morning it started to snow and by Saturday morning we had 15 inches of snow!!!!! I had to go into the City to get my laptop sorted as some slimeball had sent an email with a virus or something which corrupted my Outlook that I use for my work email. The snow was causing problems for the trains so I did not get back in time to watch the match.

Husband and I watched the Man Utd Bolton match. Now there is football, speed precision, excitement and good spirit! Pretty much all of which is missing from the Super Lig this season.

Looks like there was some excitement at the Vestel Manisa game, anybody know what happened?

Here is a picture of our area after the snow last night and the neighbors clearing efforts.

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Before anything else I would like to say Gecmis Olsun to Musa who suffered a horrible injury, probably a broken leg, in todays game when he inadvertently kicked Arda I think it was. Thank you to LigTV who kept on replaying the scene, I am not sure I wanted to see it 20 times!!!!

Well at the edn of the first half the best Turkish Player on display was ........Tuday who was playing for Blackburn against Man City in the FA Cup. I was keeping an eye on that game and at 36 Tugay still appeared to be the calm centre of the storm. What a pity that not one of the players in Istanbul could copy him. Its no wonder Terim has recalled him but what a bad statement about the quality of the other Turkish players.

Inamoto was terrible, I think he made one successful pass and the Ergun was the same!! Thank goodness for Arda who appears to be able to control the ball.

The second half was a lot better, in fact Galatasaray controlled the game apart from the Trabzon goal that is. The Husband compared to the goal to watching Nat Lofthouse in his prime who apparently was famous for knocking goalkeepers into the goal.

I think the 2-1 result was a good result and the performance in the second half was much better than recently so that was encouraging.

No change in the league positions though as the Kankas obviously failed miserably to get behind Ankargucu who lost to Besiktas. Keeps things alive for a another couple of weeks though.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Lessons to learn

First of all congratulations to Oz Kanka's sister in law who has recently given birth and chosen the superb name of Rose.....not that I am biased of course.

I was having a discussion with a Besiktas supporter the other day, not an everyday occurrence I admit but at least its possible unlike with some teams.......and we were talking about the poor state of play in the Turkish league. He made some interesting comments and I thought I would share them especially on a Chimps league day which could see four English teams through and where not that long ago we could have expected Galatasaray or even the Kadikoy mob to at least be involved and have some hope.

These days it seems that when a Turkish team lose in Europe it is almost expected and people are not surprised. For example when AZ Alkmaar knocked out FB the reaction was not as great as it would have been a few years ago. Its the same when Galatasaray kept losing in the Chimps League this season to teams with the exception of Liverpool we really should expect to beat. Have the standard in the Turkish League fallen so low that we now consider ourselves worse than French League 1 or Dutch Eerdivisie teams and that we expect to lose????

If thats the case what can/should be done, anything? nothing?

Another point was that what is the Turkish team going to do for a goalkeeper now that Volkan is effectively finished, maybe hope that Mondragon changes his name to Abdullah or something but even he has been less consistent than previously....where are the Turkish goalkeepers????

Also what about a target man. Other than Hakan Sukur there is no forward in the Turkish League who can play with his back to goal and bring in payers form midfield, for a prime example Dimitar Berbatov gave a textbook example of how to do this when Tottenham played Bolton recently almost all of the attackers play the Brazilian way which is to drop deep take the ball and then run at the defence. Unfortunately Hasan Kabze and the rest are not very good at it.

What do you think?

Monday, March 05, 2007

Cultural monday monkey

Husband here......

That's the first day of the week over with and here in New Jersey the brass monkey's balls have been falling off....or at least they will tonight.

Now for everyone out there who is wondering what on earth I am talking about this means it will be extremely cold. But what I hear you ask does it have to do with monkey balls and why are they made of brass????????

Ahhhh the subtle joys of Wobbly arrow's language indeed...

I must admit that I thought this had to do with cannon balls, brass, monkeys and cold but according to Wikipedia I am sadly mistaken.....still it will be a balmy -10F tomorrow with the wind chill or -23C. It's March for goodness sake, I don't know about brass monkeys but its cold enough to freeze the balls off me.......and lets not forget the db's.

Anyway after a weekend of doom and gloom I will make some predictions. Manchester Utd will win the Premiership but only just, Chavski will win the FA Cup to add to the Carling cup and thats all, Lille are a bunch of winging french fries and should be smothered in mayonnaise, Fenerbahce will not win the SuperLig but I have no idea who will.....any suggestions (and for those in Ankara, I mean realistic suggestions.....)

In addition I predict Cem Deda will learn to tie hi show laces and stop having his mother buy underwear for him before the end of the season.

Enough enough I hear you cry...........

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Cem Deda II

Another really excellent result form Kadikoy where Sivasspor really should have won the match to really open up the SuperLig. As it is with the Gencler result and others teh end of the season could be quite interesting for all concerned.

Mr Deda showed his usual brand of incompetence and inconsistency which on this occassion meant that the Kadikoy mob did not get everything they wanted!!!!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Season over?

Well it seems that despite the fact that Gerets has signed an extension this has not had the desired effect of settling the players down. A loss last weekend, knocked out of the Cup during the week and now a loss to the referee....I mean Besiktas today. Contrary to last season the team is now playing worse after the winter break than before and I really cannot see any way for Galatasaray to win the SuperLig this season. Results since the restart of the season are WDWLDL which is not the form needed.

This was a strange team that Gerets put out for such an important match no Song, Ilic, Inamoto, Hakan, Orhan Ak or Hasan Sas.

Having said that the team played relatively well although Necati was in one of his more profligate moods today as he should have had a couple of goals in the first half after good work from Arda. One thing that left a bad taste in the mouth though was the play acting of the Besiktas defenders especially the slap head. A couple of times he was beaten and a GS player was in very good position only for a free kick to be awarded against them as the slap head was rolling around pretending to be hurt even though replays showed no foul. That is cheating, pure and simple but with todays referee, Firat Aydinus, Besiktas were rewarded for all of their underhand tactics.

On the balance of play I believe a draw should have been the result, certainly CimBom were not good enough to win but I also don't think Besiktas really deserved to win especially with the rather dodgy penalty they were awarded. Apart from the fact that Bobo the clown was pushing Mehmet in the back handball should be hand to ball and the replays clearly showed this was not the case. What makes it harder to take was the rather obvious foul on Umit a couple of minutes that resulted in I have said time and time again the referees in Turkey are poor and inconsistent, I don't believe they are corrupt rather they are just crap and easily influneced by the home crowd.

Great result in Liverpool today, serves the scousers right for being so arrogant.....but again the ref was not exactly consistent.....Carragher gets a yellow for a studs up, late, high vicious challenge on Rooney and Scholes gets a red for swinging and missing at Alonso who was clearly dragging him back and was already on a yellow. Todays ref was also infliuenced by the Liverpool crowd so its not just Turkey....