Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another 4 goals

So for the third match Galatasaray scored 4 goals. Interestingly in the three SuperLig matches CimBom have won they have all been by 4-1, the others were draws. This now puts us in third spot on 11 points with a goal difference of +9, one point behind Bursaspor who we play away next week so that should be a tasty match.

A good solid all round performance showing the benefits of sensible recruiting instead of blindly wasting money on over priced Latins and Spaniards. Baros and Kewell continue to have a sort of Indian Summer as they score goals almost for fun. Baros first goal, a 30yard screamer was as good a goal as you will see this season. Perhaps the only bad part of todays performance was the defending for Konyas goal, which was non-existent as the team stood and watched.

The scoreline could have been more than 4 with Lincoln, Kewell, Baros and Hasan all having good opportunities later on to add. The domination was such that Servet and Meira were playing as extra forwards towards the end leaving the defence in the safe and responsible hands of Hasan!!!!! Not exacty sure about his credentials as a right back but at least he has not made any huge mistakes since his inclusion in that position.

Nice to see some of the younger players also getting a run out as Erdem and Yaser Yildiz got a few minutes late on and also had a chance to score.

Lets hope that this good form continues into the Uefa Cup second leg this week where we are at home to Bellinzona with a 4-3 advantage from the first leg.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Chance to move up

So tomorrow we have Konyaspor, the bread eaters at home.

Quite a few injured players including Linderoth and Umit Karan as well as Sabri so I guess Hasan will continue at right back.

We really need to get a win tomorrow given that Trabzon are going like an express train at the top and FB have only won 2 games. I guess Aziz may need to adjust his ten year domination plan....

The Husband is happier today after Man Utd managed a win, albeit with some assistance from Rob Styles. Mind you after the Chavski game where Mike Riley seemed to be on a one man mission to book everyone in red it was nice to get a present from the ref today.

Wonder how long before the canaryites turn on Aziz, wont be long now I am sure.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Not too bad

In weather more appropriate for ducks, CimBom finally clicked as a team with an emphatic 4-1 win at Kocaelispor.

However I must admit that for the first 20 minutes and especially after Kocaeli took the lead we did not look like a side that is the defending champions, especially with Hasan Sas playing at right back. I assume that Sabri was injured and that there was no-one else but that seems a bit desparate to me.

I must admit that the goal that got us back into the match on another day could have been a free kick to the goalkeeper even tough in reality there was virtually no contact with Serdar by Nonda. Anyway from the resultant open play Baros made it look easy.

After that GS played much better and finally began to find each other on the pitch opening up kocaelspor relatively easily, with good goals from Baros, Nonda and Kewell to round things out.

Seems like the last couple of games the players are working out a system that works for them even if the so-called Derwall system it is not. Not sure how much Skibbe is having to do with it all or whether the payers have simply decided to play a certain way but they have scored 8 goals in the last 2 games, although the 4 they conceeded is a worry.

So its second position in the League, 2 points behind Trabzon althoug if Besiktas win later today they will retake second spot.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Swiss Cheese

So we almost slipped on the banana skin that is Bellinzona.

a 4-3 win away though gives us a good away goal advantage but really this should have been easier although I must admit I have no idea how the players were as I could not get a streaming internet connection for the game as ShowTV died just before the game started as usual.

Nice to Kewell and Baros amongst the goals, Kewell has scored a couple already but I think these were the first Baros has scored since his arrival.

However the most important goal was from Lincoln in the 95th minute. Having been 3-2 ahead after they had a man sent off we really should have killed them off but still an away won even so late is still an away win whihc is always good in European competion.

Elsewhere Besiktas won 1-0 at home and Kayeserispor lost 2-1 to PSG at home.

So roll on Sunday and an awauy game at rock bottom Kocaelispor, that had better be three points unless Skibbe really does want to leave.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Have been rather busy recently and only just got around to posting about he weekends fiasco. Despite scoring foist and playing Antalya at home CimBom were very flat after scoring the first goal and whilst defeat was never a realistic option the draw was probably fair.

Often the weekend after Internationals is a good time to play teams like GS who have many players on overseas duty. Anyway next weekend there is no excuse.

Anyway the best thing about the weekend was Hacettepe winning and Besiktas and Trabzon drawing which keeps things tight at the top.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Flat as a pancake

Well after the Armenia game this should have been a formality with 3 more points in the bag. But what do we get:

Arrogant coach
Arrogant canaries
Arrogant CimBom

Result is a draw 1-1 against Belgium, I mean realy Anderlecht are nothing these days even if Serhat Akin is still there. Is he????

Piss poor performance on a lot of levels, and why do we play at the supermarket stadium, I mean its better than Olympic but only just, I mean you alienate 50% of the fan base unless they need something from Migros.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Road Win

So Turkey came away with a 2-0 road win against Armenia and England managed a 2-0 win against Andorra, keeping myself and the Husband happy. I have a feeling that Fatih Terim will be the happier of the two managers though.

Having said that playing teams like Andorra can cause problems as you play against 11 defenders, Turkey have also struggled against such teams and let us not forget that its not that long ago that Turkey were considered in the same breath as Andorra and Lichtenstein. Remember the 8-0 battering handed out by England. It seems that the so called bigger countries have developed not much recently whereas the smaller countries have improved a lot.

Turkey played quite well and it seemed like it was only a question of time before they scored and if the first goal was a bit scrappy the second was an excellent example of strikers anticipation.

Anyway a win is win and Turkey need to concentrate on getting ready for the next match against Belgium who overcam Estonia 3-2 at home. Once again though the TFF shoot themselves in the foot by insisting to play the game at the Olympic stadium thereby hadning an advantage to the opposition by reducing the impact of the crowd. Why are these people in charge of Turkish football???

Monday, September 01, 2008

Down to earth

After the ease of the opening day victory it was back to earth with a bump yesterday in Kayseri. For those with a short memory Kayserispor were probably the surprise package of last season finishing a creditable 5th behing the Istanbul 3 and Sivas.

This season it was a 0-0 draw, and last season it was 1-1 so history pretty much repeated itself.

Strange team selection from Skibbe for this match, no Nonda or Lincoln for example. Still Umit was back and Baros got some playing time. De Sanctis in goal seemed an able keeper so that is good that we have a couple of good keepers with him and Aykut.

Overall the match was a bit disappointing with GS struggling to make chances and when they had chances to covert them. I think a win would have been a more acurate reflection of the balance of play but we will take a draw. I am just hoping that Kayseri prove as stubborn opposition to other teams this season so we see this as a point gained rather than two lost.

Anyway the season is still young for CimBom. However it looks like being a long, long season for the second city teams, 4 matches and 1 point is not good........