Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Galatasaray and the level playing field

You know that almost be the title for a Harry Potter type book as it would be a pure work of fiction. What am I talking about you might ask. Well those of you who follow Turkish football will know that the league officials, referees etc. generally favour Fenerbahce.

Why is that you ask?

Truthfully I can't answer that as I have no real knowledge but it can be no coincidenc that the club chairman is extremely rich, whereas the GS board is not, I mean we cant even pay our players!!

Anyone who watched the Fenerbahce Besiktas game at the weekend though will know exactly what I mean. It seems that eveyone is talking about the performance of the referee and his constant favour of Fenerbahce. Even the Turkish Daily News got in on the act!!! If that match had been in England then FB would have been down to 9 men and there would have been 2 penalties to Besiktas, unless of course one of the teams was Chelsea when they would have recieved the same treatment as FB. How can Selcuk Dereli, the referee, award 4 yellow cards to Besiktas and none to Fenerbahce, especially after the two penalty positions. The man is a disgrace and should be suspended immediately.

So as I say there is no such a thing as a level playing field in Turkish football or at least that must be the conculsion after Sunday's match.

Of course if the Turkish Football Federation had any backbone and wanted to prove that the field is flat then they must appoint a neutral referee for some of these games. Or they could suspend Anelka and Nobre for a couple of games for the absolute blatant cheating they have done this season, although they will absolutely nnot do that. With the way the season is going it could be that the Galatasaray-Fenerbahce match will be the decider for the championship. If the referee performs like Sunday then GS may as well not turn up.

Therefore lets have a neutral referee, Graham Poll, Markus Merk or someone who can make decisions and not worry about Aziz sending the boys round afterwards!

Get those emails into the Federation now!!!!!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Galatasaray Benefit

Well after yesterday's nail biter today was almost as bad. Finally some justice with Besiktas doing Galatasaray a favour and drawing 2-2 with the budgies. And that despite the referee's best efforts to let FB win. I mean really Rustu could have been off in the first half if the ref had any cojones!

Oh yes here is a question for you all, who else uses IPworldtv.com to watch the Turkish matches and do any of you have problems with the feed. Today I probably only saw about 10 minutes of the match as the feed kept stopping and buffering....and for this I pay $30 a month. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Only one point in it now so I think I will take Kimi out for a haircut next week to celebrate. It was a good day for my husband as well, Man Utd beat Wigan 4-0 to win the Carling Cup final....happy days!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Galtasaray on top

As they say in Friends, Oh Myyyy Godddd, sometimes I hate my team, how can they do this to me, I have no nails left after todays match. So we had to play Vestel Manisaspor today and what should have been a straightforward match turned into a nail biting clusterf***. In the end 4-2 but I was not certain of anything until the final whistle.

Looks like Sasa Ilic and Heinz are on their way out, I mean when you are substituted by Volkan you must know when your days are numbered. And what about Hasan Sas, about time he was sold to Besiktas!!!!

Speaking of Kara kartal lets hope they beat the mafia cheats on Sunday. Oh and my husband reminded me that Man Utd have a cup final against Wigan on Sunday so I hope they win or I can foget about about a happy Sunday, if you know what I mean.

Anyway check out these links;

Galatasaray in France
English Galatasaray
Cimbom Live

Sleep well

Monday, February 20, 2006

Galatasaray Mistake

It seems like I made a mistake in my previous post. It was Ankaraspor not Ankaragucu who beat Fenerbahce on Saturday. Thanks to Oz Kanka in Ankara for pointing out my mistake. Oz also has an interesting site to visit about football in Ankara, check it out at Ankara Football.

I guess I was somewhat upset about the Galatasaray result and that stopped me from thinking straight. Anyway with all due respect to the Ankara teams I do not really care who beats FB as long as they lose, I just wish Galatasaray would take advantage of the situation.

You know when you are upset about something you can make mistakes if you let your emotions take over. I wonder how many of the people making such violent protests about the "Cartoons" are now wondering why they did what they did. Is this really the face of Islam that they want the rest of the world to see, violence, hatred and complete intolerance for other viewpoints!! Sometimes I am very glad to be Turkish as one positive thing about my country and even before when it was the Ottoman empire is that there was/is religious tolerance. I know it was and is not perfect but at least there is an attempt to understand and repect a persons individual religious beliefs. Can people really be said to be believers if they blindly follow a set of practices because they are told to. Surely religious beliefs are something an individual has the right to or not as the case may be. Is slavish obedience to a rule set a belief?

Anyway enough philosphy for one night.

I have been on the road for a few days to do some research on artists for a new web site that a friend of mine is setting up, I finally decided to do some real work and stop the "get rich quick schemes". Unfortunately it takes me away from my dogs and I am looking forward to seeing them on Wednesday.

Time to go, have to eat.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Galatasaray Blows It

Here we go again. On Saturday FB lost to Ankaragucu and today, when we have the chance to close the gap to 1 point what happens??? A 0-0 draw with Sivasspor is what happens. What is wrong with this team, do they not want to win the league, where is the heart and the passion. Okay I understand the problems with the payments but really this is the second chance already to close the gap to the cheats and again its been blown. Gerets and the board needs to get things sorted or this season will once again end in dissapointment.

Anyway its been a long week and I am tired so enough for now, I cant concentrate after that performance...

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Galatasaray on song

Well, well, well, what a good result for Galatasaray, 6-0 against my hometown team Gaziantep. It makes a good return to form for the Aslan CimBom and a wake up call to those who thought we were dead.

That was good answer to the Mafia Budgies who beat Samsunspor 5-0 on Saturday. I dont know but players like Nobre and Alex are such cheats that they seem to think that diving for penatlies is the way you play football. And as for cokehead's comments after the game when people suggested that the match should be replayed because of Nobre's blatant cheat and the mistake the "impartial" referee made that they should just deduct a goal are simply unbelievable. It seems that they always get a penaty when they need one and even when they dont!!! Why cant Duam just go back to Germany and leave us alone, I mean who allows a drug addict to manage a team!!!!

I hope we can get enough money together to save our club and I hope we win the league this year, I mean we cant pay the players so how can we be accused of influencing the referees. Of course the Turkish league is not clean, FB will do anything to be as successful as Galatasaray.

Enough for tonight


Friday, February 10, 2006

finally its friday

What a week, I mean really. How can things get so crazy so quickly and why? I can understand why Muslims are upset but the reaction is so totally extreme. People who have not even seen the cartoons are protesting, why? Is it becasue they are told to and if so who is telling them.

My friends in the US keep saying to me that why are Muslims surpised by the cartoons when they react the way they have. All I can say is that probably 99% of Muslims whilst being upset about the offence caused are sufficiently mature to make their complaints peacefully, or through non-violent protests. Although its perhaps not the most scientific study but check out the straw poll at Amerikan Turk

What it does show is the lack of separation between Governments and Religion in most Muslim countries and the complete lack of understanding amongst Muslims about the separation between media and Government in the West. YOu cant blame people in the West from being bemused about the reaction. Muslims come to the West and are allowed to practice their religion without restraint. Then something is published whihc is legal but upsets them and they complain about the values in the West. Contrast that with the bastion of freedom that is Saudi Arabia where no other religion is allowed.

Anyway that is my final statement on this issue. Now sfor the serious erious stuff. What the hell is happening at Galatasaray, players not being paid, raising money form the fans, strikes. What are the board doing besides managing the situation badly? Our stadium is falling to pieces and where is the new one. Seel the ground and let someone else build it and lease it back. I mean really we are a laughing stock!!!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Things are getting worse

Well this crazy stuff about these cartoons deems to be getting worse. People are being killed for nothing, how many of the people screaming and shouting have even seen the cartoons? Of course there is a clash of civilisations, but when a mediaeval, mind controlling religion tries to force non-believers to obey its laws then what the hell do you expect! I have to laugh at the Iranians holding a contest for cartoons about Jews and Christians, do they really think anybody cares!!!! And is it any suprise that this is all happening when Iran is about to be brought to the UN Security Council...how convenient. These cartoons were published in September where was the reaction then.....

I have a question for any Muslims who read this, what about the destruction of the Buddhas by the Taliban, where were your protests then about respecting religion etc.

Monday, February 06, 2006

What is happening in the world

Is it me or are things getting really crazy at the moment. I am of course referring to the issue of the cartoons of He Who Cannot Be Drawn and the somewhat over the top reaction to this in the Muslim World. What the hell is going on. Whilst the cartoons were maybe not the most sensitive thing to publish, the reaction by the people in Syria and Afghanistan will only reinforce the idea in the West that all Muslims are terrorists and only have one reaction to things....violence!!! As one Arab journalist pointed out, not all Muslims are terrorists but all terrorists seem to be Muslims.. of course that depends on your definition of "terrorist". What I really dont understand though is how the President of Iran can deny the holocaust, restart nuclear testing, defy the UN and nothing is said or done, but publish a few cartoons and lets kill all Danes, burn down their buildings, put in place a trade boycott. The hypocrisy is undebeleivable especially from the Americans and the French, given that W started the problem in the first place by referring to the Crusade word regarding Iraq!!!!

Anyway Galatasaray through away the chance to catch up with the mafia team by throwing away a lead and drawing with Malatyaspor. It was not pretty but at least we did not lose. What the hell is going on with my team, in debt, no money, playing badly...its enough to make you reach for the Raki!!!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Wednesday Evening and all is well?

Well again hello,

It looks like my days as being a home based entrepeneur may be partially over. My web based business has not been the success I hoped it would be and indeed I am spending more than I am making and this cannot go on or what would I use to buy food for the dogs! So I have been looking for a part time job recently and I think I may have found something that suits my desire to have time for my doigs but also stops me losing money.

Are you looking for an alternative to google, msn, yahoo etc as your search engine. If so check out the following site called Hakia you can ask questions in normal sentences, not code! Try it, you will love it.

Well Galatasaray play on Thursday in the Turkish Cup so here's hoping...