Friday, July 29, 2011

And so it continues

I see that the authorities in Beyoglu decided to remove all the outdoor tables and chairs from the bars while people were sitting and enjoying their evening.

What a wonderful advertisement for Turkey, Istanbul and tolerance. There are conflicting reports, some say its because the chief Dictator (PM) wanted to walk through the streets and did not want to be offended by the sight of people drinking alcohol, some say its because Ramadan is coming and consumption of alcohol is blasphemous, although oif you are a non muslim or non believer why should other peoples mediaeval beliefs be forced on you, some say its because the chairs and tables made it difficult to walk on the streets. Whatever the real story it seems like another example of the heavy handed and unsubtle authoritarian streak that is latent in almost every Turkish male government official and possible evidence of the continuing creeping Isalmification of Turkey.

Personally I am waiting for the day when the AKP bubble bursts, maybe it just did with the Armed Forces Chief resigning....coup anyone??????????

Saturday, July 23, 2011


While the morons at the TFF attempt to find a way to find FB not guilty and let them play in Chimps League for which I am sure they will be rewarded with more than just shirts the rest of the world is going up in flames.

IN Norway 92 kids are shot dead by some fucking nazi, Amy Winehouse is found dead (no real surprise there) and the US struggles with debt so large there is no real solution unless you are republican which means screw the elderly, the poor and the disenfranchised so that millionaires don't have to pay more tax, which includes wife beating, DUI amassing, drug dealing steroid injecting professional athletes (NFL Players) who have the fucking cheek to organize a labor dispute because their multi million dollar a year contracts for being gangstas are at threat.

And what is the issue with Norway well its the issue with most countries that have recent Muslim immigrants. The immigrants arrive, breed like rabbits, do nothing, breed like fucking rabbits, complain there is no mosque, complain there is no halal meat, have everything given to them on a plate by the non muslims due to human rights, which do not exist in the muslim world unless it's in their favor, lets see freedom of religion in Saudi Arabia anyone?.......... and guilt complexes and then what happens they shit on the street in front of everyone and demand respect. FUCK YOU and your fucking religion because what you mean is obey my rules and things will be fine otherwise we will complain and moan and bitch until they get what they want.

And I am a muslim and i hate these spongeing, bigoted creatures, why should anyone receive special treatment because of a personal belief. So no one should be surprised when the locals eventually get upset but this in no way condones what happened in Norway. But its not hard to uinderstand why these things happen, why work hard when all you have to do is immigrate, complain and be given a job and an aprtment when locals get harder treatment, after all abusing your own is OK as long as you give better treatment to immigrants and refugees or you would not be showing respect!!!!!

And I am on vacation at the Jersey shore having a good time on the beach................this has me so angry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11