Sunday, February 26, 2006

Galatasaray Benefit

Well after yesterday's nail biter today was almost as bad. Finally some justice with Besiktas doing Galatasaray a favour and drawing 2-2 with the budgies. And that despite the referee's best efforts to let FB win. I mean really Rustu could have been off in the first half if the ref had any cojones!

Oh yes here is a question for you all, who else uses to watch the Turkish matches and do any of you have problems with the feed. Today I probably only saw about 10 minutes of the match as the feed kept stopping and buffering....and for this I pay $30 a month. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Only one point in it now so I think I will take Kimi out for a haircut next week to celebrate. It was a good day for my husband as well, Man Utd beat Wigan 4-0 to win the Carling Cup final....happy days!