Sunday, October 16, 2011

Been a while since I was on here. Anyway I felt it was time to add a post to the blogosphere even if no one reads it becaseu you know for the first time in a couple of seasons I feel slightly optimitic, I just hope that does not end too soon.

After the crap in the first game of the season the squad obviously had a serious world with itself and since then have played reasonably well, to the point that we are joint top with IBB (which seems odd I have to say)  for now until the team that should not even still exist plays on Monday.

Obviously the new arrivals and completely overhauled squad took a while to bed down and now that the spoiled brat Arda is no longer with us the team plays as a team instead of an ego stroker.

In today's match against Bursa, CimBom rarely looked like they would lose even when Bursa pulled a goal back to level the scores. I was feeling that GS would go on and score a second which they duly did thanks to the recently shaved Milan Baros.The midfield was functioning and protected the defense, where Gokhan Zen appeared to remember that he was once a top class player, Melo in particular played with a passion missing in the last couple of season from some of the players who have appeared for the club.

So all in all some reasons to be cheerful, lets hope it lasts!