Sunday, August 19, 2012

Break over

When I checked back I suddenly realized how long it's been since I last posted. A sudden lack of interest in SuperLig, a manic 5 year old amongst things meaning imjustnlacked desire to post.

Now that the TFF have declared there was no case to answer on corruption or match fixing despite delaying the season and using the playoff arrangement in an attempt to manipulate the result, they still failed  and GS easily won the Lig.

With the recent recruits and on the evidence of the Super Cup nseems we have a stronger squad than last year, despite losing Melo. Although Engin needs to develop common sense.

I vaguely remember the non event that was the Euro's where Spain bored everyone to death. If that is football give me Stoke City anyway, at least something actually happens. Then of course we had the Olympics  which were probably better than anyone else predicted no matter which country you were from.

And then we have the medieval minds at work pushing the opium of the masses as a ways of life, in Pakistan where a Down's syndrome 11 year old is being charged with blasphemy and Christains are being threatened with having heir houses burned down by a  mob who probably can't even read one word of their allegedly sacred Quran. In turkey Islam is now being peddled as an elective subject, where headscarves can be worn, how long before peer reassure and intolerance is forcing everyone to do this?

And in the US we have the Presidential mud slinging contest to waste vast sums of money insulting your opponent.

Ah well at least the footy is back.