Monday, February 06, 2006

What is happening in the world

Is it me or are things getting really crazy at the moment. I am of course referring to the issue of the cartoons of He Who Cannot Be Drawn and the somewhat over the top reaction to this in the Muslim World. What the hell is going on. Whilst the cartoons were maybe not the most sensitive thing to publish, the reaction by the people in Syria and Afghanistan will only reinforce the idea in the West that all Muslims are terrorists and only have one reaction to things....violence!!! As one Arab journalist pointed out, not all Muslims are terrorists but all terrorists seem to be Muslims.. of course that depends on your definition of "terrorist". What I really dont understand though is how the President of Iran can deny the holocaust, restart nuclear testing, defy the UN and nothing is said or done, but publish a few cartoons and lets kill all Danes, burn down their buildings, put in place a trade boycott. The hypocrisy is undebeleivable especially from the Americans and the French, given that W started the problem in the first place by referring to the Crusade word regarding Iraq!!!!

Anyway Galatasaray through away the chance to catch up with the mafia team by throwing away a lead and drawing with Malatyaspor. It was not pretty but at least we did not lose. What the hell is going on with my team, in debt, no money, playing badly...its enough to make you reach for the Raki!!!