Saturday, September 30, 2006


When you are 3-1 up against a team who rolled over last week against the mafia team there is no way you should end up drawing 3-3.

Useless idiots. Do they want the cheats to win the league this year, how can you concede 3 goals at home against Kaonya for crying out loud.

Gerets get a grip, its obvious that some players are struggling this seaaon, get roid of them or we will be nowehere at the end of the season and the Brazil B team will win the league and that would just be a disaster for Turkish football.

But really what a terrible performance again........

Friday, September 29, 2006

Bribery and corruption

Excellent article in October 2006 edition of Four FourTwo, which in my humble opinion is the only football magazine worth reading, altough WSC comes a close second.

The article in question is about the match fixing in Serie A that of course got Juventus relegated. From what you read that was way too kind a punishment! But what was interesting was that some other bribery cases were mentioned including the Malatyaspor Denizlispor allegations from last season. Alos Eric Gerets gets a mention from when he was playing in Belgium, I think, that he tried to bribe some opposition players. Interestingly no mention of the Kadikoy mob but there's is a more Juventus style influencing and buying of the TFF etc.

Hope Eric has the cheques in his pocket for Saturday.............

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Well the scouse stew got stuck in our throat tonight and now its going to be hard work qualifying for the next round with only 1 point from 2 matches.

The first half performance was poor especially Orhan Ak, but then better defenders will struggle against Crouch. It also seemed like the team was slower and not prepared for the speed of an English team, even it was Spanishpool.

The second half was much better, I guess Gerets put a rocket up the teams collective ass and even though we conceded on more goal the fact that we scored two and had two penalty appeals waved away gives me some hope for the rest of the season. Sabri had one of his best games for a long time and so did Umit but why did Gerets start with Topal and not have Hasan on from the start.

Also look at Anfield, I wonder if the board understands the importance of home advantage yet, all the websites talk about Ali Sami Yen being intimidating so why the hell are we playing at the Olympic Stadium!!!!!!!!!

Anyway the group is still open, two teams on 4 and two on 1 after 2 games but we will have to win our next game against PSV to have a chance, we have done that before so here's hoping......

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Black Sea Pain

Sometimes things do not go right and sometimes you get idiots who affect things. Today's game falls into the second category thanks to Gokdeniz and Selcuk Derili.

First why is Gokdeniz allowed to play, he is corrupt and should have been banned for a lot longer, plus he is a cheat of a player. I think he must have had a bet with Derili about the result as Galatsaray got absolutely nothing from that joke of a referee.

The first goal was offside, Stepanovs the Tranbzon defender almost ripped Hakan's shirt off his back whilst fouling him in the penalty area every time there was a cross and what happened, Hakan got a yellow card for complaining. Bastards the lot of them.

Of course the result could have been closer if Umit could avoid passing to the goalkeeper from 3 metres out!!!

I cannot also believe the series of matches Galatasaray have as the Chimps league starts. Chimps league opener followed by Besiktas then Trabzon then Chimps league again. I guess Aziz and the TFF had a good laugh when they were fixing the fixtures so that the mafia team play Konyaspor away on Friday, 5 days before their UEFA Cup match. Corruption, incompetence and favoritsm its all on display in the SuperLig.

I may post again when I am less angry..........

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Finally a win

And finally Galatasaray manage to win a match!!! Beating Besiktas 1-0 at Ali Sami Yen as I predicted, the win not the score that is.

A slightly more competent display although the lack of goal threat was a bit worrying and we had to rely on a penalty to win. Still a win is a win even an ugly win and it closes the top pf the leahue up a bit especially as the Kadikoy mob only managed a draw in Sivas. Surprisingly its Vestel Manisaspor setting the pace and scoring the goals courtesy of Ankara teams.

In other news Graham Poll once again reveled his lack of knowledge of the rules of the game in the Man Utd L'Arse match. When Lehman clearly picked the ball up outside of the box he gave him a yellow card......huh??????and sundry other decisions that usually went in L'Arses favour.

So our next match is Trabzon away who after a shaky start appear to have improved, lets hope todays win is the tonic CimBom need to wake them up....

Friday, September 15, 2006

Looking to the weekend

Its Friday, 8am and its raining here in New Jersey. I have taken the dogs for a walk, fed the cats made a coffee, read the headlines especially the recent hysterical outpouring of bile from Muslim readers about a quote the Pope used. I wish all religions would disappear from the face of the earth I have to say. Given that the Muslims are complaining about being described as evil you would think they would protest about the violenece and carnage in Iraq by Muslim on Muslim but these people are strangely quiet......and once again the whole issue of free speach and censorship raises its ugly head. I do not want to be told what I can and can't say by a bunch of people who are happy to reject the West but make use of its technological advances or by a bunch of overdressed idiots in Italy who seem to think chastity is the best form of defence against AIDS and overpopulation.

If it carries on like this all the Kadikoy mob supporters will start complaining when I criticise their so called (Brazil reserve) team and ask me to apologize.......never!!!!!

Anyway not much to report on the footie front, just the small matter of a derby match against Besiktas to look forward to on Sunday. Look forward may be an over statement as the team has not played all that well this season yet.

But still Besiktas at home should be a relatively easy 3 points in the bag.

Having said that the injury toll continues to mount with Necati and Ergun out as well as Orhan Ak and Tolga so the squad could be stretched a bit thin. Quick buy a Brazilian!!!!!!!!

I thought the Man Utd Celtic game was probably the pick of the weeks Chimps League games even though it was not the most high scoring and I was very happy to see Lyon beat the so called galactico egos from Espana.

Well I think thats enough for now......

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Another day, another match and another draw for Galatasaray.

0-0 with Bordeaux at home is not excatly what I would call a satisfactory result. The performance was poor, the atmosphere was not intimidating, the defence was dodgy, the attack was non-existent and the midifeld invisible. About the only good thing was that we did not lose!

One thing I could not understand was that Hakan Sukur was not playing but the team inistied on playing high crosses into Umit who was 6 inches shorter than the two centre backs for Bordeaux....what was that all about???????

Any why were we not playing in the red and yellow, what was that girly white kit for. Do the GS management not understand psychology. First they give up the advantage of Ali Sami Yen and then they give up the honour of the red and yellow..morons that's all I can say.

Oh well at least Liverpool and PSV also drew 0-0 so everyone has one point. Roll on the next game and lets hope the team can win.

Till the weekend......

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Tied up.....

Okay here we go agan now that my computer is up and running again after a fried hard drive. Good job I back up to an external hard drive thats all I can say.

Once again Galatasaray failed to win with a disappointing 1-1 draw with Denizli. Ilic missed a penalty and overall the performance was moderate. The team needs to start winning a few games and taking the chances that come their way or it will be like last season all over again where we have to wait until the last day to win the championship again. At the moment the Kadikoy mob are going well but I wonder how well all the imports will do when the weather turns bad in the second half of the season.

As for the Turkey Malta match well lets just say we won.

Looking forward we have Bordeaux in the Chimps League on Tuesday and I will be watching on

Until then......

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Good guys go early....unfortunately

Usually I don't talk about politics or other stuff like that but a couple of things have happened recently which I just have to make a comment on.

Why is it that people who try to do good in the world seem to die early whilst people who spread messages of death and destruction disguised behind religion or politics or similar crap.

Whilst Osama Bin Laden, the Pope, and other sick and twisted morons who only care about power and control and brainwashing peoples minds appear to live forever a guy like Steve Irwin a.k.a the Crocodile Hunter dies whilst filming a stingray for a documentary!!! Irrespective of what you thought about his style or his actions he was a force for education, conservation and protection of the natural environment of the planet we call our home. What a sad day it is.

The other thing that attracted my attention was PM Erdogan's promise to recall the Turkish Troops from Lebanon if they have to disarm Hezbollah and the fact that some of my fellow citizens of a secular state protested about sending troops to work against "fellow Muslims". Why is it that other countries can send troops to oetyr countries to work irrespective of religion. I think some people in Turkey are forgetting that religion is a personal issue and that Turkey is not a Muslim state. I wonder whether the Police and the Prosecutors will be going after those protesters or even the PM himself for putting religion above state. Probably not as the only people they go after are writers who criticize Turkishness. Well in my opinion any Turk who is basing their protests on religion is also insulting Turkishness as is the PM.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Best in Turkey

Here is a quote to make your heart warmer.

"Galatasaray has once more proved that it is the only successful Turkish Trademark in Europe. Lets thank them by speeding up the Seyrantepe Stadium Project."

This apparenly was what PM Erdogan was heard to say after CimBom qualified for the 10th time for the Champions League. He obvioulsy forgot that he is normaly a supporter of the less successful Istanbul team.

Last season I recall the Kadikoy mob calling for Galatasaray to be suspended from the league. Well its a good job they were not as someone has to represent Turkish football succesfuly (or relatively successfuly) in Europe and that will never be the Brazil reserve team.

Of course now we have to pay for the stadium!!!!!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Turning Japanese

So our one big? signing was Junichi Inamoto, otherwise known as hello moto. I tell you it gives me the Vapors and feel like turning Japanese.

What do we know about him. For the National Team good for Aresnal, Fulham and West Brom not so good. I would have thought he would be a resue project for Big Sam at Bolton rather than joining the biggest Turkish Club. Obviously we cannot count the Kadikoy mob as Turkish anymore as Portugese is more frequently spoken than anything else over there.....even though they are not and never will be a bigger club than Galatsaray, class is permanent form is temporary......

I recall Inamoto as being a reasonable player before he went to England, maybe the less difficult environment of the Super Lig may suit him, providing he does not die of heat stroke, Birmingham to Istanbul in September can be a climate shock!

In related news Anakaraspor have snapped up Volkan who was the original hot and cold player, although usualy tepid. Ugur has gone out on loan at Kayseri and Ashley Cole has finally joined Chelsea. Who cares!!!!

No games, just a practice match this weekend and no National Team game until Wednesday when the Imperator tries to salvage his reputation against Malta. I just hope he remembers its a soccer match and not a Malteser eating contest we are going to.

Bye for now.......