Monday, February 20, 2006

Galatasaray Mistake

It seems like I made a mistake in my previous post. It was Ankaraspor not Ankaragucu who beat Fenerbahce on Saturday. Thanks to Oz Kanka in Ankara for pointing out my mistake. Oz also has an interesting site to visit about football in Ankara, check it out at Ankara Football.

I guess I was somewhat upset about the Galatasaray result and that stopped me from thinking straight. Anyway with all due respect to the Ankara teams I do not really care who beats FB as long as they lose, I just wish Galatasaray would take advantage of the situation.

You know when you are upset about something you can make mistakes if you let your emotions take over. I wonder how many of the people making such violent protests about the "Cartoons" are now wondering why they did what they did. Is this really the face of Islam that they want the rest of the world to see, violence, hatred and complete intolerance for other viewpoints!! Sometimes I am very glad to be Turkish as one positive thing about my country and even before when it was the Ottoman empire is that there was/is religious tolerance. I know it was and is not perfect but at least there is an attempt to understand and repect a persons individual religious beliefs. Can people really be said to be believers if they blindly follow a set of practices because they are told to. Surely religious beliefs are something an individual has the right to or not as the case may be. Is slavish obedience to a rule set a belief?

Anyway enough philosphy for one night.

I have been on the road for a few days to do some research on artists for a new web site that a friend of mine is setting up, I finally decided to do some real work and stop the "get rich quick schemes". Unfortunately it takes me away from my dogs and I am looking forward to seeing them on Wednesday.

Time to go, have to eat.