Sunday, October 28, 2007

Denizli 1-2 Galatasaray

So back to winning ways after 2 draws and a loss in Europe. Took some help from what I can only say was a completely incompetent referee today who was at least consistently incompetent.

Two penalties awarded in the game which were both dodgy although I think the push on Umit Karan at least happened before the ball arrived unlike the Denizli penalty when the player had already headed the ball and there was a coming together. Still both penalties were well taken.

I would say that a GS win was deserved with 30 shots compared to 7.

Bit of a strange team out today though, no Ayhan, Lincoln, Hakan Sukur, Sabri who were all injured and no Linderoth who appeared to be missing but I am not sure why.

Anyway a win is a win and that puts us back top of the league with Sivas losing and Besiktas only drawing.

So lets hope the winning habit is back again

Friday, October 26, 2007

What is going on

So after Besiktas showed the way CimBom returned to the form of last season with a 2-1 away loss at Bordeaux. When I say last season I mean where we got a lead and then failed to build on it as has happened in the last three games as we have not won any of them.

It was worrying that despite making chances and even taking the lead that we failed to close the game out. Most of the team played okay but they are going to have to raise the level again soon and start taking charge of teams again. We were once again on the wrong end of referees inconsistent decisions with no yellow cards issued despite a panalty award. Arda spent most of the game on the grass and we did not really get the decisions. Having said that I think that part of the problem is that when Turkish teams get in Europe and especially the big 4 that they are very bad at referee managament. This is probably because back in urkey they are so used to getting the decisions without asking but in Europe its "Who are you??? from the referee. I guess the TFF needs to start by making sure the same rules are applied to all teams rather than the benefit always going to the big 4. So thats an impossible dream then.

So what is going on in Turkish football, coaches being sacked when players object to being disciplined, probably because the players are Turkish and the coach foreign? Why do we have this persecution attitude, why can we not learn and why can we not take criticism. When a coach accuses players of being lazy, Ankaragucu, and the chairman sacks the coach then one can only assume that the nasty spectres of racism, xenophobia and "This is Turkey, you dont understand" comes into play.

The other issue it raises is that so many owners and charmaen seem to think they know better than the coach they hire. Maybe you are a successful businessman but thaht does not mean you know anything about football, look what happened at Chavski. Chairmen should supply the money, pay the players, provide eye candy as escorts and otherwise keep the hell out of things they absolutely know nothing about......look at the EPL, the successfull clubs have chairmen who keep out of football issues....Man U, Arsenal, L'pool etc,

Anyway time to go and feed Zeynep.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Soulless and goalless

Husband here today, Gulay is busy with motherhood things....

Today's snorefest was the last home game to be played without crowd I think. I hope so because it kills the event. Mind you I think it would have taken direct application of electricity to the reproductive areas to enliven this match. What an awful performance against a team who are bottom of the league and have yet to win a game. SO thats two draws on the run, away at Kayseri was acceptable at home to Ankaraspor definitely not.

So if Sivas win tomorrow and just why on earth games are being played in the middle of the afternoon on a Monday then they will go top. Should only be temporary but more importantly the Kadikoy mob have obviously got their referee reimbursement scheme up and running again to make sure that they don't get too far behind. Still the gap is 6 points which is still healthy but shrinking.

The first UEFA Cup match is also this week so that was not a particularly good start to the week. CimBom never looked like scoring today.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Just go...........

You know who I mean.

Embarrasing, awful performance in Istanbul. Why was Arda on the bench, why was the bookies mate playing, why is Gokhan Unal in the Turkey team.....just go, just go please and do us all a favor

Saturday, October 13, 2007


I what I felt after the match.......I am talking about the English victory over the French in Paris in the Rugby World Cup fo course not the garbage that was served upin Moldova. That feeling was more like...bblllllaaaarrrgggghhhhhhh as you vomit in the toilet. What an inept, embarrassing and appalling performance. About the only good thing was that we did not lose and are now 1 point ahead of Norway having played the same games.

But really the performance was awful. Emre seemed to think he was playing blue with the number of passes he made that went straight to Moldovan players, Gokhan Unal was very poor, Servet not much better. Tuncay and Arda were average. Thank goodness for Umit Karan who showed more bravery and determination to score the equalizer than the other forwards showed through the entire game.

If we play like this on Wednesday then we will not be going to Euro 2008. Fatih Terim should watch the tapes of England in the Rugby to see how to have a plan, stick to it, play with passion and win even when playing ugly.......

Thursday, October 11, 2007


I have been a bit late in posting recently what with baby duties but I thought I would just ad my thoughts on the UEFA Draw and also the team and our chances for the EURO 2008 qualifiers against Moldova and Greece.

First UEFA Cup.

After disposing of FC Sion in emphatic fashion and celebrating by drawing with Kayseri we had the what I think is good fortune to get the following group for the "group" stages.

Austria Wien, Panionios, Helsinborg and Girodins Bordeaux.

Not too hard but certainly not easy either. I remember a couple of seasons ago when we played Bordeaux in the Chimps League and lost but its a new team now wit a new manager in Laurent Blanc and they are average so far. Helsingborg is of course Henrik LArssons team so he could still be a threat and the others I dont know much about but any match with the Greeks or Austrians should be fruity!! Could be worse we could have got Bayern Munich or similar..role on October 25 and our first game away in France.

As for the Turkish team I just hope we find a way to win. Fatih Terim is definitely losing the plot.

And as for Dida, 2 game ban plus Emmy would seem reasonable...

Sunday, October 07, 2007


In truth not a good performance today but at least we did not lose. A 1-1 away at Kayseri not much to shout about I have to say. Like I say the team seemed a bit flat today, possibly a hangover from the UEFA Cup heroics on Thursday.

Not much to say really. GS are still top thanks to Sivas only drawing at Ankargucu. Bit of a break now for the Euro 2008 qualifiers. Lets hope all players get back uninjured and we can pick up the pace in the next game and get back to winning ways.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Simple progress

Excellent performance from Galatasaray on Thursday with a 5-1 victory over FC Sion whihc sees us into the next round of the UEFA CUp. This was a chalk and cheese performance coapred to the first leg match. The team were positive and solid and played with imagination and a certain amount of flair. Of course the opposition was not the stringest but they showed in the first game what they could do so it was a good performance.

Umit Karan is playing well this season, I guess with Necati gone he can get an extended run in the team.

Next up is Kayserispor who have had a reasonable start but if we play like the last couple of games there should be another 3 points in the bag.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Ultimate Insult

So today was a mixed day.

On the one hand Abdullah Gul stated that Turkey may revisit the Insulting Turkishness Law.

On the other I found out that according to the assholes that currently have been elected to run Turkey that I am a member of a "vulnerable group that requires special protection".

So after all the recent gains in Turkey and at least a vague recognition that women should have equal rights to men that I now find myslef classed as nobetter than a dog or cat and that I am somehow in need of protection. Well Mr Erdogan I have a message for you.


And to all the other asshole Turkish muslim macho men who are probably thinking that great, now I can beat the bitch, have affairs, father kids with other women and generally treat her like the piece of shit possesion that my fuckwit Imam and PM says she is gives me immunity from any reprisals.

I tell you this is enough to make me want to renounce my citizenship as I really do not want to be a member of a country that wants to make me legally a second class member of society who a big brave man can protect. I am a human being with equal rights and responsibilities, not a possession. What century do Erdogan and all the crap muslims in the AK party think they are living in, the 7th?

And then whats next?

Divorce according to Sharia Law?
Bans on alcohol?
Mandatory female circumsicoson?
Criminilization of adultery and pre-marital sex?

Where will it end, where will the intolerance, bigotry and islamification end and when will the PM and President be arraigned for abandoning Turkeys secularity.....