Friday, April 01, 2011

Friday night

Sitting half watching the Jazz and Lakers as we start to get towards the business end of the NBA season, Mehmet Okur not featuring tonight due to injury. This winter feels like it has been long, it snowed in NJ/NY/CT today, although I must say it has been interesting with Mubarak gone and the Winds of Change finally reaching North Africa and a faint breeze reaching the Arab gulf. I sincerely hope Septic Bladder is regretting Qatar....,

The Husband mentioned the other day that in some respects what has happened the last couple of months is as dramatic and changing as the Berlin Wall coming down or Mandela walking free.....the difference is now though that we have RSS feeds to our 4G Droids with "Live " coverage of these events, and "twatter" rather than the slightly shaky but immeasurably more raw, real and powerful TV images of the Berlin Wall coming down.

I think we forget sometimes how much information we have to hand, who remembers "Whose gonna drive you home" at Live Aid???? But what is the most striking image you remember from Japan, Libya, Egypt, they blur....

Nostalgia over, have to send a couple of txts, emails and post this for someone, maybe no-one to read