Thursday, December 24, 2009

Half time

So, we ended the first half of the season in second place in the SuperLig just one point behind the leaders. The top 4 in the Lig being filled by Kayseri and Bursa probably to most peoples surprise with last years Champions Besiktas down in 5th spot although only 5 points separates the top 5 teams.

The last match of the season was a hard fought win over Genclirbriligi where the team made hard work of a 1-0 victory. Having said that we did have the ball in the net on a number of occasions only for the referee to disallow all but the most obvious goal. Overall the team played well but as I mentioned in my previous post we really need someone to lead the line and cannot rely on Kewell and Arda to keep scoring especially as Mustafa Sarp appears to have forgotten where the goal is at the moment. Lets hope Baros is back in the New Year.

A 2-1 win over Trabzonspor in the Turksih Cup during the week followed and looks like we will be qualifying for the next round in that competition as well.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Catch up

Its been a while but what with the snow here in New Jersey its been a bit like hard work as the end of the Year approaches.

Back in Istanbul after a fantastic start to the season CimBom fell flat on their faces and as usual failed to capitalize in others inadequacies. If the defence could have stayed awake long enough against Manisaspor and as for the dodgy IBB result well really we should and would be top of the Lig. Mind you with the way the deck is stacked in FB's favor this season its still going to take a small miracle to win the Lig.

The Europa League was rather a stroll in the park with the hard work done in the first three matches we could take our foot off the gas and afford to lose in the Terminator's stadium in Austria. Of course that tournament now gets harder as the Chimps League failures drop down into it but still at least the group stage was negotiated without too much drama.

Overall then probably a B+ for the first half of the season and it will be interesting to see whether the club tries to bring in a striker in January as ever since Baros got injured we have struggled to break down teams. Nonda is not the answer.

So this week sees the visit of one of the high flying Ankara teams but even so it should be three points if we play to our strenths and do not get sucked in to the opposition tactic, a habit we sometimes still have despite the abundance of playmakers we have.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Daylight Robbery

Ignore the handball, ignore the foul on Keita in the build up, ignore the offside, ignore the fact that Sarp almost had his shirt ripped off, ignore the free kick count that ikn the last 10 minutes was 10-1 in favor of IBB, ignore the fact taht GS should really have been more than 1-0 ahead, but most of all Huseyn Gocek you are a wanker......

Why cant we have a referee who just for once has obviously not been bought by that fucker Aziz because only the Fucking Budgies are allowed to win anything..

Incompetent, useless, crap does not do justice to the biased, bought referee.

And I know people will say I am upset because we only drew but then you do did not watch the match, I do not know what we have to do to win, obviously Adnan needs to put his hand in his pocket and buy some refs because its obvious we are going to get nothing but shit otherwise.