Sunday, May 30, 2010


Sometimes I wish all the Armenians had been killed, what a bunch of pathetic loser, traitors they are. Fuck them. That way the Kardashians would not be inflicted on us......

And yet the rest of the world takes these assholes seriously.......

Safe pair of hands

Looks like Guus will have to look for a goalkeeper with half a brain cell as he would have more intelligence than Volkan. Once again he effectively cost Turkey the match against the USA with his idiot attempt to reach the ball before Donovan. Zan had it covered so why come for a ball you have absolutely no chance of reaching.

Otherwise a good performance in a game that could have gone either way. Glad Mehmet Topal is moving to Valencas as he was rubbish when he came on.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Time to draw breath

So after a frantic finish to the season which saw CimBom sign off with two 2-1 defeats at home to Antalya and away at Gencler it was refreshing to see Bursaspor win the SuperLig. Actually it was mostly refreshing because it stopped FB from winning the League and the incorrect stadium announcement just made it better.

This was on reflection a poor end to a season that had started so well, with 7 unbeaten matches. The trio of Baros, Keita and Kewell tearing defenses apart and almost scoring for fun, but then things started to go awry, Baros and Kewell got injured, the team seemed tired and began to struggle to score and even more importantly the defense had a soft center to it. After the winter break the overall performance of the team continued on its slow descent to mediocrity, although hopes were briefly raised as Baros got back on the pitch and Kewell made a couple of cameo appearances. The winter recruits did ok except for Jo who was a waste of space, dos Santos looked like he might have a future but depends on cost. Lucas Neill was probably the best of the signings and lets hope he hangs around after the World Cup.

So now we are into the silly season, Mehmet Topal has already been sold and three players brought in. I would assume that Leo Franco will also be let go as he was generally poor during the season.

And finally I hope the board realize that the ego has got to go, Arda has turned into a spoilt, indulged prima donna with his theatrics becoming more important than his play. He was generally poor this season and really needs to work on his fitness, speed and technique and he may one day become a good player but for now he should be sent away to Italy or England for a spell to improve him as a player.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Crocodiles eat budgies and Lions

Congratulations to Bursaspor......

Fuck you all in Kadikoy......

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Season wind down

A fairly boring 1-0 win yesterday at the white elephant stadium where the GS supporters comfortably outnumbered everyone connected with IBB. I actually nodded off during the second half for five minutes but I dont think I missed much. Baros once again demonstrated why we have missed him and it was good to see Kewell finally back on a pitch and playing even if it was only for five minutes. Thats about it really, Baros scored, few near misses for both sides.

Bursa and the horse thieves won as well so its all the same at the top of the SuperLig.