Monday, October 25, 2010

Point earned

Todays 0-0 draw with FB actually felt like a win.....simply because it could have been a lot worse after the last couple of weeks.

The defence was much stronger today with Neill back in the side, someone who can actually defend and is not afraid to leave his mark on the opposition forwards either...

Pino looked lively as the lone striker, with Baros, Kewell and Arda injured I guess he was the only option and with a bit more luck could have had a couple of goals.

All in all a reasonable performance considering Hagi and Tugay only had a couple of days to get the team ready, plus they managed to extract a performance from Elano that was closer to his National team form than he has shown for a long time.

Okay we still need to start winning games but I would say that the FB fans out there should be more worried than the GS fans as GS looked more likely to win the game and created more chances.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Everyone of them is a moron

So after a shambolic display against Ankaragucu where we appeared to be playing a 0-0-11 formation with defence and marking as an optional extra, we are now left with no coach 4 days before the FB derby in Kadikoy.

Absolutely mind numbingly moronic on all levels.

It should have been obvious to all concerned that Rijkaard was not interested after the summer break and the fact that the club management managed to sign Insua (not good enough for Liverpool), Misimivic and Pino......who the f*** they are, lost Caner to FB and basically screwed up the entire summer transfer dealings, you could see from his body language that he was not happy. Add to that his personal issues and he was a resignation waiting to happen.

So well done one and all.

As for the players only Baros showed any desire on Sunday, and I felt sorry for Ufuk as time after time the defence vanished.

I am not sure anyone knows who our strongest 11 is but subject to injuries and suspensions the one below would be closest to it in my opinion:

Hakan Balta (out of sorts but still best LB we have)
Sarp (Servet is a lame donkey, Zan has vanished so who else?)



Tuesday, October 05, 2010


After the last four excellent matches, last Friday was like a bucket of vomit being thrown on your head. A dodgy penalty and a deflection left us grasping at straws but really we should have been able to come back against this team who we beat last year in the Turkish Cup. The only good thing this weekend was that Bursa did not win.