Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Almost there

Now that the cloggers ceased clogging the dahlings we may be able to et back to some sensible and meaningful football instead of the bad tempered, cheat fest that was the WC Final. I have to say what a disgrace both theams were, the Dutch with their clogging and the Spinach with their whining, diving and constant play acting. Second half should have been a 5 a side game!!!

Oh well.

So GS continue to steamroll all before them, healthy wins against local sides and then a 4-0 effort over the future of Turkey?

Shades of last year when we rolled over everything in our path until the winter break and then.....pop went the season. Some good news, I hope, is that Kewell is staying so as long as he remains injury free that will be good news. Franco is leaving and Carrusca is leaving although I have to say I though he left a couple of years ago! Keita also left which was a surprise although I guess we need all the money we can get. Lorik Cana appears a good buy but El mago we will have to see, dont get to watch much French soccer in the US so really dont know that much about him....time will tell. I am sure this is not the end fo the transfer action, we may need a new goalkeeper although as far as I am concerned Aykut is a perfectly good keeper.

So the new season creeps closer and its looking positive, at least for now.