Saturday, September 29, 2007

Train keeps rolling

Another match and another victory for CimBom. A harder fought victory for sure but another three points safely in the bag and the gaps to the pretenders are maintained and grow, 5 to BJK and 7 to the others.

Again tow of the new players showed their worth with Balta and Nonda scoring. All this was achieved without Hakan Sukur and Lincoln even in the squad due to some indiscretions at training during the week.

Whilst Feldkampf might look like your favorite grandfather he obviously has a tough streak as he does not appear afraid to discipline players who most would probably assume would be first on the team sheet.

One more game and we will finally get some supporters back in the ground. Normally I would welcome that as the crowd at Ali Sami Yen can be like a 12th man but at the moment with the home form I am not sure!! The crowd could pout pressure on the players and they may not be as effective or we get the 12th man back and really start putting pressure on the visiting teams. AT least we have an excuse for empty seats whereas after all the shouting the Kadikoy mob have many empty seats despite selling so many season tickets, maybe whats on offer is not so appealing.

I do think though that the TFF have to find an alternative punishment as to have one of the top games played in an empty stadium send a very poor message to the sponsors, fans and tv!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The gap grows

With one of the best goals this season Umit Karan settled Galatsaray's nerves and put the bad taste away after Thursday's match.

On the face of it a 1-0 win over Kasimpasa at the Olympic Stadium is not that impressive but of the penalty had been missed and some of the other chances been converted it would have been a comfortable win rather. However 3 points is three points and the clean sheet also extends out average to +13 and the lead over Sivaspor to 1 point, BJK 2 and the "Future o0f Turkish Soccer" 7 points. Now I am not naive enough to believe that this will be the situation at the end of the season as I am sure that Aziz and his mates will be having a word with the referees and I am fairly sure that Sivas will do a Manisa, although it wold be good if the do not but 7 points so early is a significant gap as is the average.

So next week is the first meaningful Istanbul derby with GS at home in an empty stadium to Besiktas. This should give a good indication of where the Championship will be going this season I think although it will probably be a draw...

Over in the EPL Man Yoo showed Chavski for what they are, overhyped and overpaid hackers. Maybe Obi's sending off was harsh but Joe Cole should have gone for the horrible tackle on Ronaldo and maybe Saha's penalty was soft but the Joe Cole tackle on Evra on the first half was so clearly a penalty that the arrogant one's cannot really have a complaint.

Friday, September 21, 2007

False dawn

Bloody awful performance on Thursday night. To lose away from home is not too big a disgrace in Europe but to lose to FC Sion in Sitzerland is poor, very poor. At least we got two away goals which gives us some hope for the second leg but really.........

Obvious case of not being prepared and underestimating the opposition.

Anyway back to SuperLig on Sunday and a newIstanbul derby to play against Kasimpasa out at the Olympic stadium. This should be like a home game as I am guessing that there will be a few CimBom supporters there for the game. Lets hope the team forgets about Thursday and gets on with the business.

As you can guess I can hardly get a sensible word out of the Husband this week as his team play a Mourinho less Chavski on Sunday......could be bad could be good, lets see.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Dog the bounty hunter

I will digress from football for a moment.

I am sure that most of you have read the story about some modern age enlightened Imam has set a bounty on the head of a Swedish Cartoonist for some rather insulting cartoons. I am not going to get into the whole debate about free speech and respect for other people that was discussed at length when the Danes published their cartoons.

What I do want to say and I guess I need to be careful or some bigot surfing the net thanks to technology, capital, research and development all provided from the infidel nations of the west will probably take offence and decide to come looking for me.

I undertsnad people being upset, and I understand people taking revenge in certain ways but does this kind of action help? Why do people think that others draw such cartoons or have such ideas and pictures in their heads regarding Islam. I would like to believe that the majority of educated people around the world of whatever religion or ethnicity probably consider the cartoons a step too far as is setting a bounty and inciting murder in the name of religion.

Naive? maybe.

What is truly scary to me though is the increasing intolerance of other viewpoints. With increased access to information via the internet it seems that a large number of people simply use it to peddle their own brand of bigotry. This narrow nationalism and desire to be a Croat, Welsh, Turk and rule your own country or vegetable patch etc. is a recent phenomenon and goes against 2000 years of European history. Its a shame that the polyglot, multi ethnic society that lived around the Mediterranean for 2 to 3000 years (no doubt some helenophile will try to prove this was Greek) has been swept away in wars and self determination.

For what? So that some Imam in Iraq can condemn a man to death in Sweden? Is that progress.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Top of the league

After the dissapointment of last weeks draw it was good to see Galatasaray get back in the groove with a comprehensive thrashing of Konyaspor. Granted it became easier after the Konya player was sent off but it was good to see a clinical closing of the game after that. Often a team with 10 men will play better so it was good to see a more ruthless CimBom than we have seen the last couple of seasons.

Galatasaray 6 - 0 Konyaspor.

It is also good to see that the new players are fitting in well. It was also good to see Carusca back in action and having a good game as well. Nonda looks like a good buy as well with 2 goals on his debut and Hakan Balta also seemed to fit in well even if it was ony for 10 minutes. The most impressive player for me though was Baris a virtual unknown at the start of the season but a very good find, young, hungry and cheap. Whether this form will last the whole season is a question but as long as it last then good.

This was a slightly reshaped team than recently with more foreign starters but that's also good as it shows that the squad is well balanced and not reliant on any particular player.

Orkun, Uğur Uçar, Song, Servet, Volkan Yaman, Barış Özbek, Linderoth, Carrusca, Lincoln, Hakan Şükür, Nonda

Aykut, Ismael Bouzid, Hakan Balta, Okan Buruk, Ayhan, Hasan Şaş, Ümit Karan

Difficult to really say who was the best player as all the team played well, even Hasan Sas. What is good though is that with the Besiktas and the others drawing this means the points gao is 2 and 5 respectively. I know its early in the season but there is a difference in attitude and performance as well which makes me feel at least optimistic for the rest.

Only 2 more games and then the ridiculous stadium ban is finished and supporteres will be let back in to bring atmosphere back to the matches. Whilst I do not codone what happened at the end of last season is the best way to advertsise Turkish football for people to see 2 of the biggest teasms playing in empty stadiums??

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Probably ok

So 4 points from 6. Not too bad and with the other results puts Turkey third in the group level on points with Norway but with a game in hand.

Whilst 4 points form 6 with an away game an a home game would normally be okay in this case it is not given that the away game was Malta. When was the last time they got a result against a team of the same standard as Turkey. O me it shows that with Terim we will not won anything as he cannot get the team motivated to face one of the weaker teams in Europe.

As for the Hungary game the 3-0 scoreline was perhaps generous but as far as I am concerned a dove is a yellow card and anyone who has watched the EPL this season should expect cards for players who simulate (cheat) so I have no sympathy whatsoever for Gera.

Back to the real business this weekend, Sumday and Galatasaray take on Konyaspor in an empty stadium.....should be a comfortable 3 points I think but lets see....

Saturday, September 08, 2007

National Pride

Well the Husband is having a good weekend already. With Argentina beating the French in the Rugby World Cup last night. Apparantely this was not supposed to happen but as an Ingallishman any loss the French suffer is particularly sweet for him.

Back to the round ball. This weekend sees the Euro 2008 Qualification action crank up again and whilst England take on Israel the real action will be in Valetta where Turkey takes on Malta. Did you know that the Island of Malta recieved the George Cross from the Brits after WWII for heroic defence against the Germans. Lets just hope they are not in the same mood tonight.

Fatih Terim has picked a few players though like Emre who are hardly playing or their club sides at the moment so I really hope he gets the formation correct or we could be embarrased again. Still all in all its a good squad but as I say he has to get the right team blend. Three points are a must for today and from the Hungary game. Fortutaley that game is in Turkey unfortunately its at the Olynmoic stadium so our big advantage the crowd has been neutralized. I really do wonder what planet the TFF are from. The game should be in Kadikoy, if Ali Sami Yen is out of order (probably for UEFA games) with 55,000 next to the pitch and a cauldron of noise rather than in the empty echoing wastes of the Olympic stadium.

Oh well, here's hoping

Monday, September 03, 2007

Not quite good enough

With the opportunity to get 5 points ahead of the "Future of Turkish Soccer", Galatasaray could only manage a draw against the washing machine men of Manisa. Having said that the Manisa equalizer was a bit fortunate as it got a huge deflection on the way in or Aykut would have saved it. Oh well. Otherwise the team played and well and apart from, some eccentric referring it was a good game with just the wrong result. Although Lincoln and Linderoth and the other established [players did well it is the performance of the younger players that I am more tan happy with. Once again I think Feldkamp is doing a good job by releasing the less hungry ones and bringing in the young players and preparing GS for the future rather than buying 34 year old has beens who appears to want a retirement home!!!

Still top of the league after 4 games and only 2 points lost is not too bad.

Not quite sure where Nonda is going to fit into the team. Having said that with the release of Hasan Kabze and Necati I guess we need a spare striker and he is quite good having played for Roma and Blackburn last season.

In the UEFA Cup our next opponents are FC Sion who we should be able to get past but lets see.

Another good weekend for the second city saw three points from three matches and two of those in a derby match. The only useful result was of course the Oftas result, glad to see there is one team up there who want to afect the outcome of the Super LIg....