Thursday, June 28, 2007


In between having a new kitchen installed by the Husband who obvioulsy has been inspired by Murat, from a woodworking sense if not a weight loss and fitness sense, endless thunderstorms, complete bewilderment at what on earth is going on in Turkish Soccer and the transfer mayhem i have been keeping a low profile but rest assured that will change in the next few days....or when/if I have something to say....

Friday, June 22, 2007

Troughs and peaks?

I must admit a couple of weeks ago I was rather depressed about the state of the squad for next season and was wondering who was going to arrive and how we would improve the team. The first major signing of Linderoth did little to change my opinioin that we would be the poor cousins this summer to the Kadikoy mob.

However the recent arrivals and the string rumors around a couple of other players seem to suggest that the club has some kind of plan and that whilst none of the players has the marketing allure of Roberto Carlos they have other advantage. Mainly that they are under 30, have a few years left in them and are generally cheaper. They all seem to be team players rather than egos which is also an advantage. So I am wondering whether GS are actually being cuter in the transfer market than FB. Time will tell of course but I am cautiously optimistic that we will be at least challenging next season and that total embarrassment might be avoided in the UEFA Cup.

Transfers so far:

Ismael Bouzid
Tobias Linderoth
Serkan Calik and Baris Uzbek from Rot Weiss Essen
Orkan Usak

LINCOLN pictured and confirmed

and possibly Rommedahl.

That represents a fairly rounded list and with alot of the young loan players coming back the squad is not looking too bad.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Am I talking crap or is there some sanity here???

I am copying my recent posts to the Have a Take area of

As I say am I talking crap or is there some sanity here......

Erol I agree with some of your points about football being a business etc. because those are no brainers. And yes clubs have to try and achieve success partly by buying players to maximize revenue but I just dont see that happening in Turkey. GS won the UEFA cup and failed every other season as typically FB, BJK and others also get eliminated early in Europe. When you consider the money FB have spent and the players brought in where is the success you are talking about? Winning a dead match against Man Utd does not count. If any of the Turkish teams gets into the second round of the Chimps Lig this season I will be very surprized despite all the money being spent.

But I still have a problem with the foreigner issue. I find it difficult to agree with your argument on this. Wages in the EPL are much higher because all the clubs get a lot more money from the TV deals. The income inbalance in Turkey is such that only the "Big 4" get real income from TV as all their games are televised. So you have a limited income and as Cengiz points out lower GDP etc. which means the clubs have limited cash available. So you think the "smaller clubs" are going to develop cheap local players and then sell them on. N
ot if they want to survive in Superlig they won't. If you lift the foreigner limit all that will happen is that clubs will go out and buy in players from wherever because running acadamies and youth teams is expensive thereby limiting opportunities for Turkish players.

Again look at the EPL. Alot of the Premiership clubs are questioning the benefit of the money they spend on their acadamies that were set up to develop local talent. For clubs like Bolton and Wigan its cheaper to go out and look for Bosman players in Slovenia, Israel, Switzerland etc. than it is to try and use local players who are simply not good enough to make the grade. Even Man Utd which has probably had the most successful recent production of English talent is beginning to struggle and is buying other talent in these days. So where will the chances for local players be when clubs go and buy cheap players from elsewhere. This will limit opportunities for Turkish players.

The other problem as Oz Kanka has referred to is that the facilities are just not their for local youth leagues, no grass pitches, no real infrastructure. how many kids fall through the net. Again allow clubs to have as many foreigners as they want and where will their incentive be to provide any facilities or coaching?

I think I am right in that both Spain and Italy have limits on non-EU players and I believe UEFA or is it FIFA want to introduce a "homegrown" quota for all leagues so what on earth would be the benefit of scrapping the quota now.

In the USA there are youth soccer leagues and facilities everywhere. In NJ the Husband plays in an over 40's league. For the last 4 weeks he has played three games a week as the spring and summer leagues overlap, weekend matches have to be played at 8.30am as the pitches are booked solid for youth and school soccer for the rest of Saturday and Sunday. When we lived in Istanbul he played 7 a side once a week on a small court, no refs, no organization, no grass. In out small town of 20,000 we have 4 separate facilities with 2 floodlit pitches at each one and one all weather floodlit artificial full size pitch. Almost every township around here is the same. Of course income is higher people pay their taxes and towns can afford such facilities. Would it not be better for the TFF and the clubs to invest in facilities for locals rather than pay Roberto Carlos or Tobias Linderoth or whoever $50,000 per week which makes the agents rich and sucks the clubs dry. The college system takes the better players and then they are brought to the attention of the MLS or USL teams. MLS and USL teams are mostly comprised of home grown players because of this and there is an organised plan in place.

Post 2

Omar, According to the UEFA rankings which are used to determine the number of teams you get in UEFA competitions the ranking is as follows.
1 Spain 76.891
2 England 68.540
3 Italy 66.088
4 France 53.656
5 Germany 44.364
6 Portugal 42.749
7 Romania 40.165
8 Netherlands 39.379
9 Russia 36.125
10 Scotland 30.500
11 Ukraine 29.475
12 Belgium 29.075
13 Czech Rep. 26.825
14 Turkey 26.641
15 Greece 25.497
16 Bulgaria 24.582
17 Switzerland 23.850
18 Norway 19.725
19 Israel 19.208
20 Serbia 18.958
21 Denmark 18.575
22 Austria 18.500
23 Poland 17.000
24 Hungary 14.165
25 Slovakia ` 10.832

Now if you add in the Argentine League, Mexican and MLS, J League I think you will find that the Turkish League is not as strong as you think it is. It may be more watchable than some of the Leagues above it in the rankings but in terms of success it is very poor and when you consider that FB, GS and BJK have squads that are apparently worth a similar or slightly higher amount as Bolton who are ranked sixth in the EPL in terms of squad valuations (click on the league and team of your choice and it has the squad valuation and number of players as well as average player worth) you have to ask yourself why Turkish clubs are not successful in Europe and why the League is effectively in the third rank of Euro Leagues

Stunning new signings

Whilst thousands went to see R Carlos prove he could write, always doubtful with a footballer, and adding himself to the Brazilbahce roster CimBom have been quietly working on bringing in a couple of star players.

These are Orkun Usak from Erciyes via Bursa and Ismail Bouzid from Kaiserslauten. Ah yes top quality players that fans will be more than willing to pay to watch.

Ismail Bouzid is I am sure you all know from Algeria and has played for 5 clubs in the last five season obviously making a deep impact everywhere he goes. I predict half a season in Istanbul.

Orkun Usak is a bit more interesting. Started last season at Ankargucu before leaving for Erciyespor. 28 matches in all and conceding according to MacKolik 20 goals. Not bad for a team that got relegated and one that almost got relegated. He was also called up to the National Team a couple of times. Having said that so was Volkan!!!!!

I am assuming he will be replacing Mondragon.

Whilst the players being brought in are not the biggest in World Soccer I cant help wondering how motivated Mr Carlos will be when playing Kasimpasa etc.

Anyway time will tell and heres hoping we can strengthen the defence a bit more and add an other striker before the start of the season.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Awards time

To celebrate the fact that my humble offering is the only blog to be officially declared as "It sucks" by Oz Kanka over at AmerikanTurks I offer the following....

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Bad Craziness

What is the world coming to.

I am not sure what is more amazing, Oz Kanka beating Ahmet to the draw on The round ball in Ankara: Nick Carle signs for Genclerbirligi or that Nick Carle actually signed for Genclerbirligi. Obvioulsy the draw of a fellow antipodean soccer nut in Ankara offset the chance to play for something resembling a decent club in Istanbul!!! Only time will tell.

Next up. Genclerbirligi install a revolving door in the coaches office. This will help to avoid the coach having to actually sit at his desk between signing and resigning.

And next up we have Tuncay heading for the smog bandits or Middlesborough as they are really known. I guess most Turkish soccer fans have no idea of what kind of place Middlesborough is. So I asked the Husband who went to University just up the road in Newcastle. Here is what he told me because I have never been there and from the description I am not sure I want to..... Boro is an old Industrial town and has one of the biggest chemical works in England as its main employer. Hence the name smog bandits, as the air is always polluted from the chemicals etc. It also has a large port Teesport and there is absolutely no reason for any normal person to want to go there. Guess Tuncay will have a bit of culture shock then as there is not much that resembles the marina, Moda or Bagdat Caddesi nearby.....However just South of there is the North Yorkshire Moors National Park with some semi decent places to live and Durham is not that far away and that is very civilized.

Ankaragucu copies Galatsaray. Thats right, you know what I mean. Just because we employ a pensioner German you have to follow hoping this a cunning plan to global soccer domination. Oh and somehow I cant see Alpay or Sergen setting the Lig alight.

Galatasaray find spare change under the couch. Well that can be the only explanation I can see as for a club that owes something like $35m we can suddenly afford Linderoth, maybe Lincoln, possibly Riquelme plus a lease on a shiny new stadium!!!! Either that or Polat has been saving all his change in a jar and finally counted it up.

And then the Kadikoy mob, what can you say. Get rid of Umit Ozat, Tuncay and probably Rustu despite having Chimps League to look forward to and bring in Roberto Carlos who is past his prime and more excitingly for Turkish Soccer in general Kazim Richards. Like Tuncay he will suffer culture shock, Sheffield is definitely not Istanbul.....

As for Besiktas well who knows what is going on?????

And thats just this week folks. Wonder what will happen this weekend and next week.

Will Genclerbirligi get another new coach? will Ankaragucu become the Chelsea Pensioners?? will Anakarspor be the top Ankara team, will Kasimpasa prove they exist???

Will Ulusoy resign.???(please, please,please....)

Exciting times we live in....

Friday, June 15, 2007

Something to be happy about....

Its official, well sort of.

Galatsaray are finally going to get a stadium worthy of the most successful, most winning, most points earned and most goals scored team in the SuperLig and if you don't believe me check out the stats.

TOKI have just released the Tender for the new stadium to be built in Seyrantepe. That seems to me like an excellent use of Taxpayers money. Just think all the FB, BJK and Ankara boyos contributing to the new CimBom fortress.. excellent and not a thing they can do about.

Now all that remains is to make sure we get a squad together that make sure we stay in the Superlig and qualify for Youro footie for the foreseeable future.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Swedes and Turnips.....I mean Tuncay

At last a new signing. Swedish International Tobias Linderoth formerly of FC Copenhagen has agreed to join CimBom. Well that got my pulse racing and made me more excited about next season and hanging on every word coming out of Canaydin's mouth.......not.

Still at least hes not as old and past it as signings at other clubs...Carlos at FB and Alpay and Sergen for Ankargucu!!!!!!

Good to see my tongue in cheek effort to find employment for Sven is working out over at You never know he could be the next Turkish Manager.......or not.

And finally....the FB types are getting all hot and bothered about Tuncay and the possibility he might move to England. Whilst a move outside of Turkey appears to be tolerated its the fact that the clubs interested are Middlesborough, Birmingham and Newcastle that has the budgie fanciers worried.

A few facts of life might be in order here.

The EPL gets 4 spots in the Chimps League, 2 direct and 2 qualifying. The SuperLig gets 2 spots both through qualifying. The EPL gets 3 spots in the UEFA Cup plus the FA Cup and Carling Cup winner. The Superlig gets 1 and the Turkish Cup Winner. This would appear to suggest that the EPL is somewhat stronger than the SuperLig. At the moment FB are the strongets team in Turkey but that really is not saying alot given the quality of the opposition. I mean apart from CImBom, Besiktas and Trabzon there has been no real challenge and the majority of games are or should be given the relative strengths of the teams not much of a contest. Compare that to the EPL where a team like Bolton or Reading on limited resources can beat or draw with the big 4 on a regular basis. I would suggest that none of the Superlig teams would be regulars in the EPL, they are more like Championship sides. So why on earth do FB supporters think Tuncay is moving down if he plays for one of the less big clubs in the EPL, they are more professional and better run than almost every club in Turkey. If he plays for Birmingham or Middelsborough for example he would probably be in the starting line up and would be playing against world class players in almost every match and every match would be competitive and he would no longer have the benefit of Turkish refereeing. Wonder how he would cope with Robbie Savage, Joey Barton, Paul Scholes, Carvalho, Terry, Faye, Nelsen, Hyppia, Carragher, Ferdinand, Vidic et al He would be fitter, learn to concentrate for 90 minutes (something FB failed to do on a number of occasions last season), curb his theatrics, play at a high tempo and become a better player for the experience. I think Tuncay is one of the bright lights of Turkish football but I do not think that at this stage in his career he should be picking splinters out of his ass by moving to Man Utd, Arsenal etc. or playing for the reserves which is what he would be doing at any of the top clubs. On the other hand he could stay at FB and play in exhibition games most weeks with only 6 or even 4 meaningful games each season.

Monday, June 11, 2007

TFF favor CimBom

Over the last few months I have read an awful lot of drivel from Kadikoy types that TFF is biased against them. Please. The recently handed down punishment from TFF should put paid to that idea, 5 matches behind closed door and a 110,000 Euro fine. If anything the Kadikoy mob should be happy they only got a what 2 match stadium closure for hitting Mondragon with a smoke bomb in an incident which if he had walked, indeed the ref should have stopped the game, would have seen a 3-0 win to GS. Witness the recent Denmark Sweden game.

So the next budgie mouthed yellow and blue that comes over with "Ulusoy hates us crap" will get an even less sympathetic hearing than normal.

Thats not to say that GS did not deserve punishment.

Despite that the TFF totally failed to address the underlying problems in the Super Lig and Turkish Soccer in general. Instead of using last seasons problems as a vehicle to discuss and introduce structural reforms on media rights, club ownership, limits on foreign players etc. what do they do?????? nothing. Until some radical restructuring takes place you will continue to get similar episodes and also crazy stuff like what happened at Genc, pity poor Oz Kanka, darling of the media.

Anyway that pretty much means we have nothing to look forward to for next season, just a second rate team playing in a third rate league, run by the village idiot committee, in a 5th rate stadium against aging Brazilians and managed by a pensioner. The stuff of dreams, cant wait, yippee, rah rah etc. etc.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Fast forward to the past

When I first heard the news I could hardly believe it but now it appears that it is true. Next season CimBom will be coached by a 73 year old who quit his last position due to health reasons!!!!

I am sure Feldkamp was an excellent coach back in the day, but surely the Board could have looked forward instead of reaching into the biscuit tin and pulling out a stale digestive. I know he won the championship back in 92/3 and the Turkish Cup but really what were the Board thinking. I can only assume that this is a symptom of the problems at the club, especially financial as no younger coach would accept the job and I can hardly blame them as we probably have absolutely no money to recruit players and then pay them.

The other problem with Galatasaray and most other Turkish clubs is that they only ever look at the short term. For example the Championship score is now 17-16 against CimBom which means that the media and management feel the need to even things up next year. With the cycle of elections and the chairmanship battles which lead to instability for the coaches there is no chance that a coach can have time to rebuild a clubs playing staff and plan for the long term. This is made worse when the Managers go out and buy players they think are okay and then recruit a coach to turn them into a team without bothering to find out of the players can play together. I mean for a perfect example of how to mess things up look at Chavski, Ballack and Schevchenko were bought by the owner, the managers need for a defender was ignored and the balance of the team was upset. Man Utd on the other hand are benefiting for a couple of years of rebuilding and the process is continuing. It has been 4 years between titles for Man Utd and when you consider the money spent and the pressure Sir AF is under to deliver that kind of gap is hard to take. Of course whilst Canaydoin is chairman nothing will change and in fact until they do away with the Charimanship and start managing the club professionally nothing will change.

Anyway all I can hope is that Feldkamp does his best and that we are not humiliated next season!!!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Spring cleaning

So Mondragon gone, sort of a surprise, as well as Inamoto and Ilic. These will probably not be the last t leave I hope. Just wonder who they will be bringing in. Seems odd that Mondragon is going to Koln with Umit Ozat but good luck to him he has been a good servant of the club. However this season he did not seem quite like the Mondragon of the last couple of seasons. I would imagine that being hit by a smoke bomb and then watching his teams supporters destroy their own stadium may well have influenced him as well!!!

As for the National Team surely we can do better than Hakan and Rustu as starters!!!!!! and surely we can do better than Terim as coach.