Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Reality bites

It was a great roller coaster ride of emotions while it lasted but now its back to life and back to reality after Germany beat Turkey 3-2 in the final minute of the Semi finals in Basel.

Of course we could not see what happened as the International feed kept getting blacked out after lightning in Vienna. I know you cannot control the weather but how about Plan B?? This meant we missed the last 5 minutes after Lahm scored.

In some ways this defeat hurts more than it should, I mean we were lucky to get this far right but then we basically were the best team on the pitch and should really have won. I know many reporters are mentioning the clear penalty Germany should have had, for contact outside the box, but not many are mentioning the rather blatant shirt pull a couple of minutes later on the Turkish player which I guess was not given in order to even things up. But still and all Turkey did enough to win and wipe the smile of Bolloks face.

I still think its a pity that the Croatian/Italian ref just happened to book three of the more important players in the Croatia game meaning that we were really playing with the reserve team. Just goes to show how motivation and the right technical ability can do. Of course Mehmet Topal was partly to blame for two of Germany's goals but then he is a midfielder not a central defender.

At least we put up a good show which with the squad I though was going to be impossible but I am glad to have been proven wrong and I can say that we have been involved in some of the most exciting matches of what has been so far, and with the exclusion of the Spain/Italy snooze fest an exceptional tournament.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

New Manager at last

So whilst all the attention is focused on the Euro 2008 and Turkey's incredible performances Galatasaray have named their coaching team for the season.

Michael Skibbe formerly of Bayer Leverksusen will be the coach and he will be assisted by former CimBom favorite Umit Davala.

Interesting choices for sure and lest see how the playing staff will change. He is probably concerned that the performances of Arda, Hakan Balta etc. have other clubs counting the dollars.

Speaking of the Turkish National Team do they have any idea of the emotional roller coaster they are making us ride and each game it happens later and later.

I mean I am happy we are in the semi finals and that Germany will probably underestimate us which should be in our favor but the agony of the matches is getting too much to handle.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Medical ward

so 17 players fit or available, no defence, no chance you might think lets see

Sunday, June 15, 2008


After a couple of weeks silence I thought its time for a post.

So today is destiny day for the Turkish team at Euro 2008. Lets just hope Terim sticks with his best 11 which would be the team that started the Switzerland match rather than the team that started aganst Portugal. I mean really Kazim is not nternational class whereas Arda is. And why bring the top scorer in Turkey if you are not going to use him except for 45 mins in the first 80. May as well have taken Hakan..

Anyway lest see what happens, personally if Volkan plays as he did against Switzerland then we have a chance but if he plays like he did against Portugal, forget it.

So roll on the match.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Second hand news

So it looks like the Kadikoy mob have decided that items previously owned, used and found wanting by Galatasaray should be their major signings.

Thats the big news?

I thought they would be announcing the purchase of more over the hill washed up South Americans to waste their money on and finish second again.

But I was wrong, oh well theres plenty of time for that to happen.

As for CimBom not too much news on summer signings at the moment but I am sure they must be working on some and as for the manager search I guess we have to wait for the will he wont he of Mourinho at Inter Milan and then the rest of the managerial merry go round to stop and see who we end up with.

Personally I think we should get Big Sam in, well it might get the team fit if nothing else!!!