Saturday, July 29, 2006

Germ Warfare

Not a bad result I guess for Galatasaray against Monchengladbach with a a 1 all score. Considering the youthful nature of the team.

Next up is the Turkish Super Cup against Be┼čiktas in Frankfurt which seems a bit odd to me but then then the TFF I am sure have the situation completely under control just like the investigation into match fixing.

More later.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Arjentin at CimBom

Finally some news. It looks like Galatasaray have completed the transfer of Mareclo Carrusca from Estudiantes in Argentina. Check out the stories here and here. I seem to recall seeing this guy play during the year as we get to see the Apetura and Clausara tournaments in the US and if memory serves he is not a bad player.

And....according to Sabah there are another couple of players about to sign including the Swiss Captain Vogel and a Samoza from somewhere, but lets wait and see.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Holiday Over....for now

Well after posting yesterday and getting some typing under my fingers I figured I should get back to what I do best.....FB bashing and GS supporting or something like that.

The last couple of weeks have seen some rather odd events in the World of Football. Zidane recieving a 3 match ban, Masernazi 1 2 match ban whihc was quite okay, anyone with facial hair like that should be banned anyway. Then we have the ridiculous saga of the Spaghetti leagues match fixing saga. First relegate them all, now reinstate 3 of them and watch Juve will be back in Serie A at the start of the season. Funny thing is though they have now sold most of their good players!!!!

Of course the Turkish League has its own scandal with Denizili apparently bribing Malatya to throw their match or something. The only surprsie for me is that it was not the Kadikoy brigade bribing Denizli to lose and therefore guaranteeing the titel, alhtough maybe that would have been way too obvious even for Aziz. And there's a story, reign, no-one else steps forward and then be reluctantly brought back!!! Good for stability that is, as is appointing Zico who fails to undertsand that Anelka and his brothers can barely survive on three ferraris a year and needs another multi milion transfer to top up the family coffers. With Appiah looking to leave it looks like the wait for Chimps League success and the next Super Lig title will have to wait. Shame.

As for Galatasaray a somewhat indifferent warm up camp finished with a resounding 4-1 win against FC Brussles. This sprouted contentnment!!!

Still no real transfer news for CimBom although it seems as if Heinz will be away due to injury. Actually other than Chelski and Real Madrid (who want to buy everyone) not many players seem to be moving yet, still there is a month to go until the window closes and teams like Man Utd have not even really started.

This last few weeks has been really hectic. Moving from Cleveland to New Jersey in the middle of a heatwave and then holiday has taken its toll and I am glad of the rest. Anyway by the end of this week it will be back to reality!!

Stop Press: I see the TFF have granted the chance to Galatasaray to get the season off to a winning start in Ankara on August 4th with an away game at Ankaraspor. Bad time of year to playing there actually with the heat but should be a relatively easy three points in the bag.

Bye for now......

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Holiday Fever

Well hello there.

I have not disappeared simply gone on holiday without a computer for once so this is being written from a friends PC.

I will be back to seal with all issues Galatasaray in the very near future.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

How was it for you?????

So that's the World Cup done and dusted, Zidane in retirement and hopefully a long ban for the cheating Eyetie. I cannot help but be sickened by the comments coming from Maserrati and his agent, "Me I dont know the word terrorist, I never mentioned his mother" when lip readers have basically confirmed what he said, how stupid is this guy, and the recent one about Totti, classic!!!!!!

Anyway I feel this was a slightly indifferent World Cup and although superbly organized and hooligan free, more Poles and Germans were arrested than English for goodness sake, there was no real high drama, except for the Oz matches. Even the final was hardly edge of the seat stuff.

On reflection Italy were not the best team and really how could such a boring, cheating team be allowed to win. Brazil were crap and the stand out team were Argentina but the coach messed their chances up.

Enough though as the real action starts now.

Galatasaray have started the transfer ball rolling taking Tolga Seyhan on loan and Okan Burak for free. There has been alot of questions asked about Okan but even at 32 he can probably do a job for the team, especially as Saidou has gone. I am not sure he will play 90 mins or even all the games but as I say he can come on and tighten things up as he more a midfiled player than a winger these days. Tolga I am not sure about so lets wait and see but he has got potential.

At the moment Galatasary are failing to impress on a tour of Belgium and Holland losing the first match to a team called Germs 1-0 and drawing with that powerhouse Lierse 1-1. Well it can, I hope, only get better....maybe the Club should stop paying them.

My how time flies though, World Cup finished and only 1 month to the start of the EPL and the Turkish Super Lig, add in Intertoto matches, Chimps and Uefa qualifying games and football is an all year sport!!!!!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Back again

I am back.

Last few days have been hectic with relocating from Cleveland to New Jersey and the inevitable disruption in internet and TV services. I even missed the World Cup Final as a result of the move!!!!!

Anyway back online and ready for a new season.

So Italy won the World Cup, how the hell did that happen because they certainly were not the best team and any team that includes people who spit, Totti, elbow, racially abuse, cheat (remember the Oz game) and generally behave like low class scum cannot be considered as World Champions whatever the result.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Cheats Prosper

So England are out and the team with the worst disciplinary record and the worst attitude progress to the semi finals of the World Cup.

The amount of diving and cheating going on by the Portugese was a joke. Maniche made a clear dive clutching his face when it was clear he was not touched, where was the yellow card??? Figo spent most of the time falling over every time an English defender came near him and should of course not have been playing after the head butt in the Holland match.

I wonder whether Ronaldo will still be at Manchester United at the start of next season after his theatrics and blatant cheating. His part in Rooney's sending off was a disgrace. I thought FIFA had told players thath asking for psople to be booked etc. would result in a yellow card, but it appears that is not happening with Portugal who have managed to get three payers sent off by their asppaling whining attitude. Watching the tussle between Carvalho and Rooney, Carvalho had Rooneys leg in a scissors hold so just where was Rooney supposed to stand, and why was it not a free kick to England! His massive over reaction and Ronaldo's attitude got Rooney sent off. Pushing a player in the chest cannot surely be a red card. Still what mre can you expect from an Argentinian referee.

I am glad Scolari will not be the England coach next time because I would hate England to play the way Portugal do. Maybe its in the genes because Mourinho at Cheslki has his players doing the same.

Now for France to beat Brazil???