Sunday, February 27, 2011

Plumbing the depths

In a season long on disappointment and short on pleasure Saturdays inept surrender was probably the worst game of football I have seen GS play for a very long time.

No plan, no clue, no organization, no heart, no soul....other than that it was ok I guess.

Absolutely pathetic.

No doubt as the season draws to a close we will hear all the usual garbage from various sections of the media that will claim Mourinho is coming or Kaka....personally I would settle for Sam Allardyce, at least his teams are hard to beat even if they are not the most pleasant to watch....

Monday, February 21, 2011

This weather sucks

So after having continuous snow coverage on the ground since Christmas, last week it started to thaw and I could see a patch of grass in the yard, it snowed again. Another 8 inches to add to the 50 or so inches we already is a view from the Husbands office window in Queens, where there was only a couple of inches....

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Talk about biased

So what to do when you are 2-1 down and you need a quick fix. Hope Cuneyt Cekir is your referee, foul the defender to the point he bangs you in the face once the ball has gone out for a throw in and lo an behold he will give you a penalty and send the defender off. I mean this guy is incompetent, anyone who watches football knows that, but how on earth he managed to work out that FB deserved a penalty after Lugano was clearly fouling Ferrari only he and his conscious knows, but hey I guess his new villa is now paid for.

As for Galatasary well the struggles continue, but at leas we are winning our home matches but I don't think we will be in Europe next season so I guess Baros, Kewell and Neil will be off.