Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkey day

So today is Thanksgiving that typical all American Day where religion and ethnicity does not come into play, probably the biggest and most important holiday of the year in the You Ess of Eh. Of course any mention that this a tradition that arrivied with the colonists and is almost certainly based on the old English tradition of Goose day is granted with derision but lets face it Thanksgiving started with the so called Pilgrims who were Brits, the term American was not excatly in common useage at that time.

Anyway its the one time of the year when Turkey gets all the headlines, just the wrong Turkey as far as I am concerned.

Four day weekend started today as well, excellent news except it means the Husband will be hanging around the house instead of working but that's a small price to pay.

Oh yes and GS blew the chance to go top with a woeful draw at home to the former washing machine mechanics of Manisa!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

France handed place in SA

Thierry Henry cheats, well that's not news but his pathetic attempts to claim innocence, it was ball to hand hardly convince especially when you see the replay, double hand movement!

And as for sblatter and platypus....

In other news the Seyrantepe stadium is back on track, Arda has swine flu and its Manisa at home on Sunday...

Monday, November 09, 2009


Another weekend another three points even though the performance was not very good we will take the three points thank you.

After 11 minutes though I would have settled for a draw as CimBom played very poorly. I tell you at the moment Spurs or Arsenal could have Servet for free the way he is playing! With Sabri and then Arda scoring finally the result went our way although not until Baris got himself sent off for two relatively innocuous tackles. Not sure why Rijkaard did not take him off mid way through second half to avoid that happening, we certainly had enough midfield players on the bench with Linderoth and Elano available.

Reflecting on the TFF's punishment after the crime in Kadikoy I find it hard to understand why its only 2 matches behind closed doors, last seasons GS got 5 matches plus one that had to be played away from Istanbul! I guess throwing bottles into players faces and using lasers is not considered very dangerous. I also read a lot about ppor littel cheat Carlos and the assault on him by Keita, of course Keita should have been red carded but how else are you supposed to get a monkey off your back when its hanging on around your neck. Watch the incident again and tell me why Carlos stayed on the pitch for that rugby tackle made as last man. Oh I forgot it must have been written into the contract with the Aziz stooge in black who took 9 minutes to either count his money or wait for the wire transfer to arrive. Still at least we wont have to watch that slap head for too much longer as he announced he will leave Brazilbahce in January, good riddance I say.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

So easy League

2009 Second Round - Second Round Group F
Dinamo Bucuresti41033-6
SK Sturm Graz40131-3

And this is supposed to be a competition? 3-0 away in Bucharest with our old player Tamas playing?

I guess the remaining matches we can roll out the reserves.

Of course it will get harder when the likes of liverpool and barcelona drop out of the chimps league and get added to the Europe League but this is embarrassingly easy.

So long as we beat the greeks, who cares.

Monday, November 02, 2009


Can we play Sivas every week please??? Talk about a fall from grace, last season pushing hard for top spot and this season scraping the basement of the SuperLig. I think only the fact that Ankaraspor are thrown out of the league meaning only 2 other teams go down will save Sivas this year as they are a shadow of last season. Not that I really care but it seems like every season there is a team not from Istanbul that threatens and then the season after sinks without trace. A couple of seasons ago it was Manisa who then got relegated, last year Sivas, this year Bursa...I do find it amazing that the third and fourth biggest cities in the country don't even have a SuperLig team, Izmir and Edirne but again, thats their problem not mine. Its a bit like Leeds and Newcastle not having a Premier League Team....oh that's right they don't!!!

Back to the match and well really it was very comfortable for CimBom. They should have been ahead after 5 minutes but it took until the 11th minute before Nonda, who is going to have to be more consistent in Baros absence, slotted a well taken goal. The second goal was a touch controversial but there is a 6 second rule on goal keepers. I recall Newcastle scoring from a similar situation against Bolton a few seasons ago after that paragon of fair play Shearer complained about how long Jaaskalainen was holding gthe ball. Its rare but its the law.

Anyway not that it should have mattered as GS could and should have had a hatful but Arda, who is getting more and more selfish and more and more big headed every match, wasted about 4 golden opportunities.

Next up is Dinamo Bucharest and a win or even a draw should be enough to ensure progress to the next round of the Europa League.