Friday, February 10, 2006

finally its friday

What a week, I mean really. How can things get so crazy so quickly and why? I can understand why Muslims are upset but the reaction is so totally extreme. People who have not even seen the cartoons are protesting, why? Is it becasue they are told to and if so who is telling them.

My friends in the US keep saying to me that why are Muslims surpised by the cartoons when they react the way they have. All I can say is that probably 99% of Muslims whilst being upset about the offence caused are sufficiently mature to make their complaints peacefully, or through non-violent protests. Although its perhaps not the most scientific study but check out the straw poll at Amerikan Turk

What it does show is the lack of separation between Governments and Religion in most Muslim countries and the complete lack of understanding amongst Muslims about the separation between media and Government in the West. YOu cant blame people in the West from being bemused about the reaction. Muslims come to the West and are allowed to practice their religion without restraint. Then something is published whihc is legal but upsets them and they complain about the values in the West. Contrast that with the bastion of freedom that is Saudi Arabia where no other religion is allowed.

Anyway that is my final statement on this issue. Now sfor the serious erious stuff. What the hell is happening at Galatasaray, players not being paid, raising money form the fans, strikes. What are the board doing besides managing the situation badly? Our stadium is falling to pieces and where is the new one. Seel the ground and let someone else build it and lease it back. I mean really we are a laughing stock!!!