Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Galatasaray on song

Well, well, well, what a good result for Galatasaray, 6-0 against my hometown team Gaziantep. It makes a good return to form for the Aslan CimBom and a wake up call to those who thought we were dead.

That was good answer to the Mafia Budgies who beat Samsunspor 5-0 on Saturday. I dont know but players like Nobre and Alex are such cheats that they seem to think that diving for penatlies is the way you play football. And as for cokehead's comments after the game when people suggested that the match should be replayed because of Nobre's blatant cheat and the mistake the "impartial" referee made that they should just deduct a goal are simply unbelievable. It seems that they always get a penaty when they need one and even when they dont!!! Why cant Duam just go back to Germany and leave us alone, I mean who allows a drug addict to manage a team!!!!

I hope we can get enough money together to save our club and I hope we win the league this year, I mean we cant pay the players so how can we be accused of influencing the referees. Of course the Turkish league is not clean, FB will do anything to be as successful as Galatasaray.

Enough for tonight