Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Almost over

So this weekend the torture that has been the 2010/1011 SuperLig season will be over with a thoroughly undistinguished 9th place or thereabouts. At least the spectre of relegation was quickly dispelled and the team have payed something resembling football in the last couple of matches.

There is a nucleus of a reasonable team but there is also a lot of dross that needs to be cleared out. I somehow cannot see Kewell, Neill or Baros and maybe Servet being at the club next season along with a few others.

Will be interesting to see if Fatih Terim does return, personally I think its a bad decision if he does. The GS board should have looked at the likes of Martin O'Neill or even Allardyce to help recreate a team but as with most of the decisions this year by the management you have to wonder whether they are all FB supporters at heart.

Ah well, at least we can only improve.....I hope