Saturday, September 29, 2007

Train keeps rolling

Another match and another victory for CimBom. A harder fought victory for sure but another three points safely in the bag and the gaps to the pretenders are maintained and grow, 5 to BJK and 7 to the others.

Again tow of the new players showed their worth with Balta and Nonda scoring. All this was achieved without Hakan Sukur and Lincoln even in the squad due to some indiscretions at training during the week.

Whilst Feldkampf might look like your favorite grandfather he obviously has a tough streak as he does not appear afraid to discipline players who most would probably assume would be first on the team sheet.

One more game and we will finally get some supporters back in the ground. Normally I would welcome that as the crowd at Ali Sami Yen can be like a 12th man but at the moment with the home form I am not sure!! The crowd could pout pressure on the players and they may not be as effective or we get the 12th man back and really start putting pressure on the visiting teams. AT least we have an excuse for empty seats whereas after all the shouting the Kadikoy mob have many empty seats despite selling so many season tickets, maybe whats on offer is not so appealing.

I do think though that the TFF have to find an alternative punishment as to have one of the top games played in an empty stadium send a very poor message to the sponsors, fans and tv!


Anonymous said...

As a GS fan, I am happy that GS won. But I still like BJK too. My only problem team in the league is the FB mob.

Again sorry Besiktas fans. Hopefully you will win against FB and all will be forgotten.

Nice work Gulay!

Eski Kanka Jim said...

Agree with Gulay that it is a wee bit unfair to punish the majority of the innocent fans by banning them for `x` number of matches.

We should consider a points deduction as punishment and then the guilty fans might think twice about jeapordising their team's chances of success.

Anyway, CimBom are going like a train now and it will be up to the others to play `catch up` as the season enters the winter phase.

Anonymous said...

I think the stadium should still have fans in it. But the punishment should be that a club cannot charge admission. And to eliminate a big ruckus at the gates, only the season ticket holders would be allowed in. And get a refund for the game in the process.

Win-Win for everyone?

Eski Kanka Jim said...

Further thoughts....

How about naming and shaming the guilty `fans` in National Newspapers.

Also, making them report to their local police station on match day KO time for 2 hours for a period determined by the courts.

Might make some of them think twice about invading the pitch or throwing missiles ?!

Gulay said...

the only problem with naming and shaming is that the newspapers are not big enough for all the for the other suggestions, personally I feel the only punishment that makes sense is points deduction and maybe removal of all gate receipts for x games...not sure where the money should go but thats a minor detail

Of course you could introduce EPL standard policing and enforcement, video coverage of all areas, all seater (and I don't mean plastic chairs screwed to concrete) with names on tickets, confiscation of season tickets from proven trouble makers, real enforcement of security by the cops...etc. but does anyone seriously think this can happen in Turkey where the cops cause almost as much trouble as the fans

Anonymous said...

What about forcing the team to wear the other team's (nemesis') jerseys for their upcoming home game.

That would be 'shame' full!