Monday, September 03, 2007

Not quite good enough

With the opportunity to get 5 points ahead of the "Future of Turkish Soccer", Galatasaray could only manage a draw against the washing machine men of Manisa. Having said that the Manisa equalizer was a bit fortunate as it got a huge deflection on the way in or Aykut would have saved it. Oh well. Otherwise the team played and well and apart from, some eccentric referring it was a good game with just the wrong result. Although Lincoln and Linderoth and the other established [players did well it is the performance of the younger players that I am more tan happy with. Once again I think Feldkamp is doing a good job by releasing the less hungry ones and bringing in the young players and preparing GS for the future rather than buying 34 year old has beens who appears to want a retirement home!!!

Still top of the league after 4 games and only 2 points lost is not too bad.

Not quite sure where Nonda is going to fit into the team. Having said that with the release of Hasan Kabze and Necati I guess we need a spare striker and he is quite good having played for Roma and Blackburn last season.

In the UEFA Cup our next opponents are FC Sion who we should be able to get past but lets see.

Another good weekend for the second city saw three points from three matches and two of those in a derby match. The only useful result was of course the Oftas result, glad to see there is one team up there who want to afect the outcome of the Super LIg....

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