Friday, September 21, 2007

False dawn

Bloody awful performance on Thursday night. To lose away from home is not too big a disgrace in Europe but to lose to FC Sion in Sitzerland is poor, very poor. At least we got two away goals which gives us some hope for the second leg but really.........

Obvious case of not being prepared and underestimating the opposition.

Anyway back to SuperLig on Sunday and a newIstanbul derby to play against Kasimpasa out at the Olympic stadium. This should be like a home game as I am guessing that there will be a few CimBom supporters there for the game. Lets hope the team forgets about Thursday and gets on with the business.

As you can guess I can hardly get a sensible word out of the Husband this week as his team play a Mourinho less Chavski on Sunday......could be bad could be good, lets see.

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