Sunday, September 16, 2007

Top of the league

After the dissapointment of last weeks draw it was good to see Galatasaray get back in the groove with a comprehensive thrashing of Konyaspor. Granted it became easier after the Konya player was sent off but it was good to see a clinical closing of the game after that. Often a team with 10 men will play better so it was good to see a more ruthless CimBom than we have seen the last couple of seasons.

Galatasaray 6 - 0 Konyaspor.

It is also good to see that the new players are fitting in well. It was also good to see Carusca back in action and having a good game as well. Nonda looks like a good buy as well with 2 goals on his debut and Hakan Balta also seemed to fit in well even if it was ony for 10 minutes. The most impressive player for me though was Baris a virtual unknown at the start of the season but a very good find, young, hungry and cheap. Whether this form will last the whole season is a question but as long as it last then good.

This was a slightly reshaped team than recently with more foreign starters but that's also good as it shows that the squad is well balanced and not reliant on any particular player.

Orkun, Uğur Uçar, Song, Servet, Volkan Yaman, Barış Özbek, Linderoth, Carrusca, Lincoln, Hakan Şükür, Nonda

Aykut, Ismael Bouzid, Hakan Balta, Okan Buruk, Ayhan, Hasan Şaş, Ümit Karan

Difficult to really say who was the best player as all the team played well, even Hasan Sas. What is good though is that with the Besiktas and the others drawing this means the points gao is 2 and 5 respectively. I know its early in the season but there is a difference in attitude and performance as well which makes me feel at least optimistic for the rest.

Only 2 more games and then the ridiculous stadium ban is finished and supporteres will be let back in to bring atmosphere back to the matches. Whilst I do not codone what happened at the end of last season is the best way to advertsise Turkish football for people to see 2 of the biggest teasms playing in empty stadiums??

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Alex said...

Watched the match, the team looks hot. For the first time in about 5 years I think we have a pretty complete squad. It must be said that the ref did help matters.
Lets hope that the boys can show Sion little mercy.