Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Ultimate Insult

So today was a mixed day.

On the one hand Abdullah Gul stated that Turkey may revisit the Insulting Turkishness Law.

On the other I found out that according to the assholes that currently have been elected to run Turkey that I am a member of a "vulnerable group that requires special protection".

So after all the recent gains in Turkey and at least a vague recognition that women should have equal rights to men that I now find myslef classed as nobetter than a dog or cat and that I am somehow in need of protection. Well Mr Erdogan I have a message for you.


And to all the other asshole Turkish muslim macho men who are probably thinking that great, now I can beat the bitch, have affairs, father kids with other women and generally treat her like the piece of shit possesion that my fuckwit Imam and PM says she is gives me immunity from any reprisals.

I tell you this is enough to make me want to renounce my citizenship as I really do not want to be a member of a country that wants to make me legally a second class member of society who a big brave man can protect. I am a human being with equal rights and responsibilities, not a possession. What century do Erdogan and all the crap muslims in the AK party think they are living in, the 7th?

And then whats next?

Divorce according to Sharia Law?
Bans on alcohol?
Mandatory female circumsicoson?
Criminilization of adultery and pre-marital sex?

Where will it end, where will the intolerance, bigotry and islamification end and when will the PM and President be arraigned for abandoning Turkeys secularity.....


Eski Kanka Jim said...

I think Gulay had a point to make and I think she made it well !!!

By the way, I wonder if the Turkish `Secret Police` read our Blogs ???!!!

Murat Altinbasak said...

Gulay.. right on!!!!
Boo hoo! I can't wear my headscarf at school! Waaaaahhhh! Someone might see my hair and get a boner! Protect me!

Grrrr. When will reality, truth and fact reign over myth, speculation and religion?

Raymond said...

Gulay, I read your post on Amerikan Turk (11 October 2007). Good point. I, as an American, feel ashamed of these actions in front of the world. I don't know why we are, as a nation or government, making such statements, when we have our own plethora of domestic problems to attend to (Health care anyone?), and don't have the "moral history" to back it up (but then again, who does?). And also, why do it to an ally? I bet that to Turkey that feels like a stab in the back.