Saturday, September 08, 2007

National Pride

Well the Husband is having a good weekend already. With Argentina beating the French in the Rugby World Cup last night. Apparantely this was not supposed to happen but as an Ingallishman any loss the French suffer is particularly sweet for him.

Back to the round ball. This weekend sees the Euro 2008 Qualification action crank up again and whilst England take on Israel the real action will be in Valetta where Turkey takes on Malta. Did you know that the Island of Malta recieved the George Cross from the Brits after WWII for heroic defence against the Germans. Lets just hope they are not in the same mood tonight.

Fatih Terim has picked a few players though like Emre who are hardly playing or their club sides at the moment so I really hope he gets the formation correct or we could be embarrased again. Still all in all its a good squad but as I say he has to get the right team blend. Three points are a must for today and from the Hungary game. Fortutaley that game is in Turkey unfortunately its at the Olynmoic stadium so our big advantage the crowd has been neutralized. I really do wonder what planet the TFF are from. The game should be in Kadikoy, if Ali Sami Yen is out of order (probably for UEFA games) with 55,000 next to the pitch and a cauldron of noise rather than in the empty echoing wastes of the Olympic stadium.

Oh well, here's hoping


Eski Kanka Jim said...

Absolutely NO COMMENT to make about Turkey's result in The George Cross Island last night.

I only saw snaches in The Atlantis Bar in Gumbet - I was too pissed after watching Scotland take Lithuania apart !!!

Turkey..... it's all uphill from here !!

Oz Kanka said...

No comment from me either as this weekend its been just rugby, rugby and then a bit more rugby.

Eski Kanka Jim said...

Argentina and Scotland for the final.......... any takers mmmmm.