Sunday, September 23, 2007

The gap grows

With one of the best goals this season Umit Karan settled Galatsaray's nerves and put the bad taste away after Thursday's match.

On the face of it a 1-0 win over Kasimpasa at the Olympic Stadium is not that impressive but of the penalty had been missed and some of the other chances been converted it would have been a comfortable win rather. However 3 points is three points and the clean sheet also extends out average to +13 and the lead over Sivaspor to 1 point, BJK 2 and the "Future o0f Turkish Soccer" 7 points. Now I am not naive enough to believe that this will be the situation at the end of the season as I am sure that Aziz and his mates will be having a word with the referees and I am fairly sure that Sivas will do a Manisa, although it wold be good if the do not but 7 points so early is a significant gap as is the average.

So next week is the first meaningful Istanbul derby with GS at home in an empty stadium to Besiktas. This should give a good indication of where the Championship will be going this season I think although it will probably be a draw...

Over in the EPL Man Yoo showed Chavski for what they are, overhyped and overpaid hackers. Maybe Obi's sending off was harsh but Joe Cole should have gone for the horrible tackle on Ronaldo and maybe Saha's penalty was soft but the Joe Cole tackle on Evra on the first half was so clearly a penalty that the arrogant one's cannot really have a complaint.


Eski Kanka Jim said...

Realism is not a quality normally associated with ANKARAGUCU supporters.

However, let me try and be realistic (just for once).

Having seen the performances of Fener in the League this season, I really do fancy ANKARAGUCU having a go at them next Friday and taking some points back to Ankara.

As you know, ANKARAGUCU always raise their game when playing the Big 3 and I'm sure Herr Briegel will have them up for it.

If so, we may be joining you up there at the top !! Granted, the Super League is a marathon and not a sprint, but the `ground work` done at the beginning of a season is crucial for securing points and boosting players confidence levels.

Oz Kanka said...

Sir Eski said: "the Super League is a marathon and not a sprint"

Thank God for that

Eski Kanka Jim said...

Yes, agreed. It's time for Ankara's 2nd team to wake up and play footie !!!

They could start by appointing Ersun Yanal as coach ??!!