Monday, September 17, 2007

Dog the bounty hunter

I will digress from football for a moment.

I am sure that most of you have read the story about some modern age enlightened Imam has set a bounty on the head of a Swedish Cartoonist for some rather insulting cartoons. I am not going to get into the whole debate about free speech and respect for other people that was discussed at length when the Danes published their cartoons.

What I do want to say and I guess I need to be careful or some bigot surfing the net thanks to technology, capital, research and development all provided from the infidel nations of the west will probably take offence and decide to come looking for me.

I undertsnad people being upset, and I understand people taking revenge in certain ways but does this kind of action help? Why do people think that others draw such cartoons or have such ideas and pictures in their heads regarding Islam. I would like to believe that the majority of educated people around the world of whatever religion or ethnicity probably consider the cartoons a step too far as is setting a bounty and inciting murder in the name of religion.

Naive? maybe.

What is truly scary to me though is the increasing intolerance of other viewpoints. With increased access to information via the internet it seems that a large number of people simply use it to peddle their own brand of bigotry. This narrow nationalism and desire to be a Croat, Welsh, Turk and rule your own country or vegetable patch etc. is a recent phenomenon and goes against 2000 years of European history. Its a shame that the polyglot, multi ethnic society that lived around the Mediterranean for 2 to 3000 years (no doubt some helenophile will try to prove this was Greek) has been swept away in wars and self determination.

For what? So that some Imam in Iraq can condemn a man to death in Sweden? Is that progress.


Eski Kanka Jim said...

If they catch him then I suggest they take him to a neutral country and put him on trial for having an inappropriate sense of humour. I suggest Saudi Arabia would be a good country to hold his trial ??!!

Anonymous said...

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