Friday, June 23, 2006

The worst referee in the World???

Is Graham Poll the worst referee in football. If you read the hysterical comments published in the Guardian and littering the cybersphere you would certainly think so but I have to say that in this case I disagree. First of all the Swiss idiot who runs FIFA, Splatter has opf course got his own take on things. He is quoted as saying "I'm not surprised about the reaction. There are people there and one of them should have intervened and run on to the field and said, 'Stop, stop.'

"That's why they have the communication system. The assistants and the fourth official have the right to call on the referee and tell him. It is not understandable how this happened."

Splatter seems to have fogotten that the refs and linesmen are miked up!!! Plonker. Of course he has yet to make commnents on referees who give penalties for nothing and send players off for breathing on others, the Swiss (no surpise there then) in Spain Ukraine and Merk in any match you care to mention but then they speak German so must be okay!!! FIFA also have themselvesd to blame, they asked no instructed refs to target time wasting, dissent etc. and the refs have been doing except to the Bazilians of course. The players know it so in my view if they throw or kick a ball away they only have themselves to blame.

Anyway on the specific accustaions, yes he gave three yellow cards and has admitted as much so that was definitley a mistake. As for the two penalties not given, the first one for the rugby tackle should have been easily spotted by the linesman as Poll maybe could not see clearly what was happening. Same for the second handball. When I watched the match I did not see Tomas, Galatsaray's best defender, make contact with his hand. It was only from the fifth slow motion replay that it could be seen. If you check where Poll was there was no way he could have seen it as Tomas's hand was below the level of the other heads. Mistake, absolutely not.

Remember the officials work as a team and the linesman can bring the referee's attention to incidents. This is especially true of the yellow card issue, was no-one else taking notes?????

Of course alot of the Oztrailer supporters are making a huge fuss conveniently forgetting that the linesman allowed an offside goal and that in the Japan Oz game Japan had a clear penalty claim waved away for a clear foul by Cahill a couple of minutes after Oz had scored. What goes around comes around!

Did Poll have a good game, maybe not but I really dont think he deserves the abuse handed out by clueless plonkers who have maybe never played the game and definitley not refereed one with Splatter breathing down you neck.

And before Ozkanka thinks I am being anti Oz I will be wearing the gold and green when they line up to take on the spaghetti eating diving girly men from the shit container that is the boot of Italy......


Oz Kanka said...

I've had my spray on this subgect elsewhere and so won't bore you with my thoughts again but I do think it worthwhile pointing out that had Australia lost the match Fifa would have had to order a replay.

Gam said...

"in the Japan Oz game Japan had a clear penalty claim waved away for a clear foul by Cahill a couple of minutes after Oz had scored."

i'm afraid the ball had gone out of play, i'm pretty sure all that happened was 'goal kick'.