Monday, June 26, 2006

Blue Monday

After the firewirks of the Portugal Holland match todasy affair whihc saw the spaghetti eating girly men cheat their way to a victory over Oztrailer with another highly dubious penalty seemed quite tame. I am sorry to see the Ozzies go especially to the Eyeties who asre almost as bad as the Portugese in the cheating department.

Speaking of which I cant believe the nerve of fat Phil who wants Deco's red card rescinding because the Dutch did not give the ball back. Well after what Figo had just got away with if I were on the Dutch team neither would I have given the ball back.

Speaking of Figo I see FIFA had a collective lack of nerve in failing to apply the laws as they are published. A headbutt is a red card irrespective of whether Mark van Bommel recieves it or not.

Oh well I guess I will be supporting England from here on in..... until Saturday anayway...

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