Sunday, June 04, 2006

New Additions

I tell you going without football at the moment is as bad as stopping smoking! With the build up to the World Cup going on at least there are some friendly matches where Turkey have done okay with a relatively inexperienced squad. Good game yesterday though with England thrashing the Reggae Boyyz 6-0. Anyway its 5 days to go and then one month and 64 games all through June and July, perfect.

I thought I would take this lull in action to show you the latest additions to my family. I rescued what I thought was a young black cat a few weeks ago and called her Kara. Over the weeks she started to expand and I realised she was pregnant. A couple of weeks ago she gave birth to 4 healthy kittens and here they are with their eyes open.

I have named the kittens Pingu, Bob, Eto'o and Luxor.

They are all well and will of course become die hard Galatasaray supporters despite being black and white.

Bye for now everybody

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