Monday, June 05, 2006

The start of the week

So another week starts and brings us a day closer to the World Cup. I must say that I am glad that finally the US seems to be understanding that there is a major sporting event happening that the rest of the World finds more interesting and compelling. The only downside is that the NBA Finals start on Thursday with the Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks competing for the World Championship!!! What I did find amazing was that 30,000 tuned up in Cleveland to watch the US play Venezuela in a friendly last week on a cool and rainy Friday evening. And the best thing is all games on ESPN, ESPN2 and abc. Amazing!!! Anybody who managed to get tickets for the World Cup, good on ya despite Splatters best efforts to keep the game of the people in the hands of the corporate sponsors and hopitality types. Now there is a man who has 50 ideas a day, 51 of them bad!!!

I am feeling somewhat happy today. The Kadikoy Mafia seem to be falling to pieces at the moment. The Chairman has quit, no he hasn't, yes he has, Cokehead has quit and instead that idiot Scolari appears to maybe have said yes or no, Bolton want to buy Anelka, Nobhead has gone to BJK and the club seems to be in so much turmoil. Excellent. For more read Turkish Soccer.

Lots of friendlies over the weekend or in Oztrailers case not so friendly game kicking assorted Dutchies all over the pitch. Carry on like that and the upside downers will have no team left to even play Croatia, which will leave a certain blogger rather upset. England crushed Jamaica, Croatia lost to Poland, Brazil beat New Zealand and so on.

As for Galatasaray the silence is deafening, still no real news on transfers. Its the same for the Mancs, I guess all teams are waiting for Cheslki to stop buying all available players.

Anyway better go, my dogs are demanding their walk and the cats need feeding.


Oz Kanka said...
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Oz Kanka said...

Dear Gulay, my mad, twisted delusional fellow blogger.

Just thought you might like to check out a great Guardian story on US football in today's paper.

I would write about it myself but I'm knackered.

I had to delete the last comment as the link didn't show up correctly.

I'm afraid the link is very long and you'll have to cut and paste each bit of it into your browser to get to the story.