Friday, June 23, 2006

Turkey at the World Cupl

Yes you read the title right. I know Turkey are not there but what about the players for other countries who play in Turkey, how are they doing, do you care well you should if they play for your team because if they are doing well the chances are they will be leaving which if truth to be told is good news for Galatasaray.

Marek Heinz - Czech Republic. Played for 13 minutes 1 game. Gone home already.
Sasa Ilic - Serbia and Montenegro. Played for 90 minutes 1 game. Gone home already.
Stjepan Tomas - Croatia. Played 1 game 82 minutes, 2 handballs. Gone home already.

Impressive eh!!

Steven Appiah - Ghana captain. Played 3 games, 270 minutes, 1 goal. Through to second round.

Goodbye Appiah!!!! Shame........not.

Richard Kingson - Ghana. Played 3 games, 270 minutes conceded 3 goals, through to second round.
Dragosalv Jervic - Serbia and Montenegro. 3 games 270 minutes, conceded 10 goals, gone home already.

Riadh Bouazizi - Tunisia. Played 3 games, 188 minutes gone home already.

Anis Ayari - Tunisia. 2 games 146 minutes. Gone home already.

Sofiane Melliti - Tunisia. 0 games 0 minutes. Gone home already.

Eul Yong Lee - South Korea. 2 games 112 minutes. Gone home already.

Hakan Yakin - Through to second round.

Not exactly stunning stuff but at least the Turkish League is providing employment for some of the also rans!!!! There are other players who used to play in Turkey, as well but I have left those out. Anybody knows I have missed someone please let me know and I will update the list accordingly.

I really do wonder how long Appiah will stay after his performace to date though.


Oz Kanka said...

Don't forget:
Haminu Drahman - Ghana.
Scored the first goal against USA. We signed him up just before the World Cup

Gulay said...

thanks, i got the team details from the WC web site so maybe that one slipped through. Good signing as his price has probably now increased!!

Gam said...

tell you what though, togo's mohammed kader toure looks like a pretty good signing, he's currently stuck playing in togo i think. he's a livewire that one. him and asamoah gyan of ghana, currently languishing in israel.