Monday, June 12, 2006

Oztrailer set the sun on Japan

What a good game. I wonder when Oz Kanka will be sober enough to post anything remotely sensible!!

For 80 mins though it looked like Oztrailer were going to continue their fine tradition of never scoring a goal in the Workd Cup Finals and then suddenly 3 in eight minutes. The first a tad lucky but the second two excellent ones. Even the first could have been a penalty for handball but what the hell they all count. I bet the ref was glad though that his mistake in allowing the Japanese goal to stand after a somewhat blatant bodycheck on Schwarzer did not in the end affect the outcome. So all Oztrailer need to do now is beat the Oztrailer supply team from Croatia and draw with Brazil....easy really.

As for the other game yesterday, well Portugal looked good for 55 minutes until Ronaldo left and Mexico alos looked proimising whilst perhaps being a tad flattered by the 3-1 score, personally I thought 2-1 would have been a fairere reflection, but hey since when was football fair.

Anyway the TV is warming up for the US match so its bye for now.

Oh yes, Oztrailer basically got a Get OUt of Jaoil Free card today, how the first settlers would have wished for the same thing............tee hee!!!!!!!!!


Oz Kanka said...

In the end I posted while I was still drunk. As for the get out of jail gag... gave me a chuckle which only managed to hurt my hungover brain.

Gulay said...

well at least it gave you a chuckle. congrats on a good win