Saturday, June 10, 2006

And finally

Well the World Cup has started at last with a great opening ceremony and two goal filled matches on Friday when all of the US of A was at work, myself included.

Yes I know my blog title says I work from home and I do but I do also have to attend meetings and such like and of course the Americans I work with simply fail to understand about the WC so schedule meetings when there are matches. Oh well. Luckily Yahoo have a world cup dedicated site where you can get video highlights of the matches....full marks to Yahoo.

I have to say that I am fairly stress free for this World Cup. The reason, well I decided not to support any particular team but always the underdog, unless its France. So far I have supported Costa Rica, Ecuador, Paraguay (much to the Husband's disgust), Trinidad and Tobago, and Ivory Coast although the latter was a bit reluctantly with my aversion to diving cheats called Drogba.

Today's matches were more typical of the opening group games, England I guess did just enough to win. Trinidad and Tobago played extremely well even they were playing 12 men as the referee certainly seemed to favor the Swedes. I thought the Swedes were a bit too arrogant and I certainly felt that Wilhelmsen's acting got Avery John sent off as the TnT player clearly got the ball first. Also it seemed that every time a Swedish player was tackled they expected a free kick. I guess playing in yellow and blue can do that to players!!!!!

Good to see Heinze back in action after missing most of Man Utd's season. WHat a valuable player he is and his running battle with Drogba was an interesting subplot in the Argentina, Ivory Coast game.

So whilst I am glad the World Cup is on I am of course dissapointed that Turkey are not there but like I said I am not going to get too stressed becasue of that!

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