Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The gay swede.....draws

Dams, damn, damn, for a moment there it looked like fast Freddy the gay diving swede was going to lose to Ingerlland but of course some comedy club defending allowed Larsson to score in the last minute. Oh well.

Overall though England looked better although with Owen and possibly Neville out for the remainder of the matches they may struggle later, that is on the assumption they beat Ecuador which I think they should. I tell you what though if Cole was called Colenaldo the entire football media would be dribbling all over their knees after thye goal he scored today. And just think he will be fourth choice at Chelski next season behind Lampard, Essien, Makelele, Bollocks, Mikel and the half dozen other assorted internationals the inflated ego thinks he needs.

So Sweden play Germany next. I hope fast Freddy and his mates stuff them!!!!

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Oz Kanka said...

The commentator on ITV put the match into perspective by saying that the last time England beat Sweden was six years before Abba won Eurovision. ie... in the mists of history

Gulay said...

so you could say this was England's Waterloo???