Friday, October 26, 2007

What is going on

So after Besiktas showed the way CimBom returned to the form of last season with a 2-1 away loss at Bordeaux. When I say last season I mean where we got a lead and then failed to build on it as has happened in the last three games as we have not won any of them.

It was worrying that despite making chances and even taking the lead that we failed to close the game out. Most of the team played okay but they are going to have to raise the level again soon and start taking charge of teams again. We were once again on the wrong end of referees inconsistent decisions with no yellow cards issued despite a panalty award. Arda spent most of the game on the grass and we did not really get the decisions. Having said that I think that part of the problem is that when Turkish teams get in Europe and especially the big 4 that they are very bad at referee managament. This is probably because back in urkey they are so used to getting the decisions without asking but in Europe its "Who are you??? from the referee. I guess the TFF needs to start by making sure the same rules are applied to all teams rather than the benefit always going to the big 4. So thats an impossible dream then.

So what is going on in Turkish football, coaches being sacked when players object to being disciplined, probably because the players are Turkish and the coach foreign? Why do we have this persecution attitude, why can we not learn and why can we not take criticism. When a coach accuses players of being lazy, Ankaragucu, and the chairman sacks the coach then one can only assume that the nasty spectres of racism, xenophobia and "This is Turkey, you dont understand" comes into play.

The other issue it raises is that so many owners and charmaen seem to think they know better than the coach they hire. Maybe you are a successful businessman but thaht does not mean you know anything about football, look what happened at Chavski. Chairmen should supply the money, pay the players, provide eye candy as escorts and otherwise keep the hell out of things they absolutely know nothing about......look at the EPL, the successfull clubs have chairmen who keep out of football issues....Man U, Arsenal, L'pool etc,

Anyway time to go and feed Zeynep.


Oz Kanka said...

Briegel's sacking at Ankaragucu is a disgrace. A few "precious" players complain and bang... the reward for Ankaragucu's best start to the season in quite a few seasons is to sack the manager.

Jesus wept

Alex said...

I have to say that the ref for the match in France was a total disgrace!!
This man did at much as he could to prevent Gala wining.
However with all the chances that they created and did not put away they can have only them selfs to blame.
On the Briegel sacking, who ever came up with that needs to take a good look at himself and ask what more can I do to totally destroy the team. The board are a joke.

Eski Kanka Jim said...

I'm all out of tears !!

Firstly, I can't forgive Aydin for sacking Ersun Yanal a few years ago who I consider to be the best coach and motivator in Turkish footie.

Secondly, I was also saddened at the departure of Hikmet Karaman who I also rate as a top coach.

Thirdly, Briegel, and as I said, I'm all out of tears !!

Please don't ask me where the logic is !!!