Thursday, October 11, 2007


I have been a bit late in posting recently what with baby duties but I thought I would just ad my thoughts on the UEFA Draw and also the team and our chances for the EURO 2008 qualifiers against Moldova and Greece.

First UEFA Cup.

After disposing of FC Sion in emphatic fashion and celebrating by drawing with Kayseri we had the what I think is good fortune to get the following group for the "group" stages.

Austria Wien, Panionios, Helsinborg and Girodins Bordeaux.

Not too hard but certainly not easy either. I remember a couple of seasons ago when we played Bordeaux in the Chimps League and lost but its a new team now wit a new manager in Laurent Blanc and they are average so far. Helsingborg is of course Henrik LArssons team so he could still be a threat and the others I dont know much about but any match with the Greeks or Austrians should be fruity!! Could be worse we could have got Bayern Munich or similar..role on October 25 and our first game away in France.

As for the Turkish team I just hope we find a way to win. Fatih Terim is definitely losing the plot.

And as for Dida, 2 game ban plus Emmy would seem reasonable...

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