Saturday, October 13, 2007


I what I felt after the match.......I am talking about the English victory over the French in Paris in the Rugby World Cup fo course not the garbage that was served upin Moldova. That feeling was more like...bblllllaaaarrrgggghhhhhhh as you vomit in the toilet. What an inept, embarrassing and appalling performance. About the only good thing was that we did not lose and are now 1 point ahead of Norway having played the same games.

But really the performance was awful. Emre seemed to think he was playing blue with the number of passes he made that went straight to Moldovan players, Gokhan Unal was very poor, Servet not much better. Tuncay and Arda were average. Thank goodness for Umit Karan who showed more bravery and determination to score the equalizer than the other forwards showed through the entire game.

If we play like this on Wednesday then we will not be going to Euro 2008. Fatih Terim should watch the tapes of England in the Rugby to see how to have a plan, stick to it, play with passion and win even when playing ugly.......

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Eski Kanka Jim said...

Or.... better still.... Fatih Bey should show his players the Scotland v France matches home and away ??!!

Moral of the story... when you take your sword out, don't wave it about. Stick the f****n thing into the opposition !!!