Sunday, October 21, 2007

Soulless and goalless

Husband here today, Gulay is busy with motherhood things....

Today's snorefest was the last home game to be played without crowd I think. I hope so because it kills the event. Mind you I think it would have taken direct application of electricity to the reproductive areas to enliven this match. What an awful performance against a team who are bottom of the league and have yet to win a game. SO thats two draws on the run, away at Kayseri was acceptable at home to Ankaraspor definitely not.

So if Sivas win tomorrow and just why on earth games are being played in the middle of the afternoon on a Monday then they will go top. Should only be temporary but more importantly the Kadikoy mob have obviously got their referee reimbursement scheme up and running again to make sure that they don't get too far behind. Still the gap is 6 points which is still healthy but shrinking.

The first UEFA Cup match is also this week so that was not a particularly good start to the week. CimBom never looked like scoring today.

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Eski Kanka Jim said...

Yes, they are bottom of the league but they are not `leaking` goals. Only 12 conceded in 9 matches is not relegation form...... yet.

As you know, there is no love lost here in Ankara for Ankaraspor from the Big Two.

Perhaps they will leak some goals to Isaac, Kahe and Okan next Saurday ??!!

Good luck in France on Thursday !