Sunday, October 28, 2007

Denizli 1-2 Galatasaray

So back to winning ways after 2 draws and a loss in Europe. Took some help from what I can only say was a completely incompetent referee today who was at least consistently incompetent.

Two penalties awarded in the game which were both dodgy although I think the push on Umit Karan at least happened before the ball arrived unlike the Denizli penalty when the player had already headed the ball and there was a coming together. Still both penalties were well taken.

I would say that a GS win was deserved with 30 shots compared to 7.

Bit of a strange team out today though, no Ayhan, Lincoln, Hakan Sukur, Sabri who were all injured and no Linderoth who appeared to be missing but I am not sure why.

Anyway a win is a win and that puts us back top of the league with Sivas losing and Besiktas only drawing.

So lets hope the winning habit is back again

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